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Gurnee Illinois Overview and Crime Rate Statistics

Gurnee is a village located in Lake County, Illinois, and is part of the Chicago metropolitan area. On the east, it is bordered by the city of Waukegan. Gurnee is famous as the location of the popular theme park, Six Flags Great America, as well as the nearby shopping mall, Gurnee Mills. Together, these two attract more than 26 million visitors every year. The town mayor as of now is Kristina Kovarik.

Unsurprisingly, Gurnee Mills and Six Flags Great America are also the top employers in Gurnee. While Gurnee Mills has about 5,000 employees, Six Flags employs about 3,000 of Gurnee’s residents. Other top employers include the Nosco Printing Group, Gurnee School District No.56, Kenall Mfg. Co., Domino Amjet, Inc., Nypro Chicago, Inc., Lambent Technologies, Danaher Controls and JJ Henderson & Son, Inc.

During the 19th century, Walter S. Gurnee, the 14th mayor of Chicago, agreed to the development of a rail station in Wentworth. This station was called Gurnee Station in honor of the mayor. Over time, people started referring to it simply as Gurnee, and it became incorporated as such.

Gurnee Public Records
Gurnee is also home to Great Wolfe Lodge, part of the popular Great Wolf Resorts chain that provides great family attractions.  This indoor water park and resort also attracts some tourists every year, contributing heavily to Gurnee’s economy.  

Gurnee Illinois  Population, employment, and earnings

As of 2016, Gurnee has an estimated population of 30,957 people. It has a good male to female ratio. According to recent data, 50.4 percent of the population is female, while 49.6 percent is male.

Gurnee mainly constitutes a white population. As much as 64.1 percent of the population is white alone, while 13.8 percent of the population is Hispanic. Asians come in third, constituting about 11 percent of the total population. African-Americans make up just 7.1 percent of the population.  

The median age of the population at Gurnee is 39.3 years, which is higher than the Illinois median age of 37.9 years. As much as 54.9 percent of the population are currently married, while 29.2 percent have never been married. The estimated median household income as of 2016 was $92,173 while per capita income was estimated at $42,010.

Gurnee Court Records

A huge portion of the population, 94.7 percent to be specific, has a high school degree or a higher level of education. 49.8 percent of Glenview’s population has a college education or higher, while 18.2 percent have a graduate or professional degree. The unemployment rate is low at just 2.3 percent.

Manufacturing is the most common industry in Gurnee, employing 21 percent of the population. The retail trade industry comes in second, employing 11 percent of Gurnee’s population. Professional, scientific and technical services employ about 8 percent of the residents, while construction employs about 8 percent. Other significant industries include accommodation and food services, which employs 6 percent of the population, educational services which also employs 6 percent of residents, and administrative and support and waste management services, whose employment rate is 5 percent.

Gurnee Illinois Crime

Gurnee has a low crime rate, which stood at 200.1 in 2016. For reference, the average crime rate in the US is 280.5. In 2016, there were eight robberies, ten assaults, 55 burglaries, 1,183 theft, 31 auto thefts, and five rapes. No murder or arson was reported. Currently, there are 27 registered sex offenders in Gurnee.

As of 2016, Gurnee has a total of 90 full-time law enforcement employees, out of which 60 employees are police officers. For every 1,000 residents, there are 1.93 officers, which is lower than the Illinois average of 2.81 officers.


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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 1, 2021
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