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Divorce Records: Where Can You Find Them? 

A Divorce Record is an official document that has been certified by a presiding judge that indicates that a married couple has in the eyes of the government, split apart. It is an important document that also holds information on the proceedings of that divorce case.

Such information includes matters of child custody, how property and assets were divided, the division of financial assets and other such information. Since matters of the court are usually public record, Divorce Records can be obtained from various location, including internet portals.

Divorce Records

However, since divorce cases are a matter of privacy, not everyone is actually privy to this information. The divorced couple is provided with their copy of the Divorce Record after the judge has sanctioned the divorce. The official certificate is important as it is necessary to show the marital status of the individual, which both public, as well as private organizations, may inquire about.

In case such a divorce certificate is lost, the holder of the certificate can easily obtain a copy of the Divorce Record. Anyone who was not a party to or present at the divorce have to prove their connection to the case. The courts may also ask for further identification and documentation before the Divorce Records are revealed to a third party.

Where to Find Divorce Records

Where should you go if you want to obtain Divorce Records?

Divorce Records can be obtained from one of the following four options. However, people not directly related to the case should bring some identification showing their connection to the Divorce Record they want to obtain.

1. Court Clerk's Office: The office of the Court Clerk should be your first destination if you want to obtain Divorce Records. The reason behind this is that the court is decreed by law to keep records of all the cases that transpired in that civil court for a minimum period of years.

Ten years is usually the longest period the records of a case can be found in the Court Clerk's office. In case you are within the tie period during which the courts have to keep the records with them, as per the law stipulated in your state, then you will be able to find the Divorce Records here. You should head to the Court Clerk's Office and look up where the records you want are kept by using an online search.

Are Divorce Records Public
In order to go through with this process, you need both the identification as well as the case number of the record you are looking for. In case you do not have a case number, a clerk may be able to locate the information by using other search filters such as judges or date. If you were not a part of the original proceedings, then you will need either a signed affidavit or notarized letter from either of the divorced parties in order to be given access to their Divorce Records.

2. Department of Records: If you are looking for the Divorce Records at a time when the Court Clerk’s Office no longer has possession of the decree, then you can apply to departments in the Department of Records in the area where the case was filed to receive a copy of the Divorce Records.

These departments include the department of vital records, the registrar as well as the office of vital statistics. If your county does not keep this information, then apply instead to the state Department of Records. If you were not a party to the original case, then you will need a notarized letter or a signed affidavit from either of the divorced parties to gain access to these records.

Court Clerk Office

3. Attorneys: Attorneys are decreed by the state to keep with them the decreed and certificates from court proceedings at least for a stipulated period of time. In case you cannot find the Divorce Records in any other way, then you may approach your divorce attorney and obtain a copy from them. In case they do not have a copy, you can approach your ex-partner’s divorce attorney in order to obtain a copy of your Divorce Record.

4. Internet Resources: Various websites on the internet let you obtain certain kinds of court records, including Divorce Records, for a certain sum. You essentially have to pay the website in order to receive either a viewable or printable copy of that document. But this option is not available everywhere as some legal jurisdictions can stop you from viewing such decrees, especially if you are not related to the case whatsoever.

These are the most common ways to obtain Divorce Records, but as state above, unless you were a party to the original divorce proceedings, you will need permission from either of the divorce parties to be granted access to their Divorce Records.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 28, 2021
Sensitive Information!