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How To Find Death Records In Arkansas?

A certified copy of a death record in Arkansas can be used for claiming insurance proceeds, procuring death benefits, as well as for other legal purposes. In Arkansas, death records are available for deaths that took place in the state from the year 1920 to the present.

Read on to be familiar with all the details you will require to obtain Arkansas death records such as eligibility, expenses, information required, and where you should apply among others.

Eligibility To Obtain Death Records In Arkansas

To order a copy of a death certificate in Arkansas, you should be an immediate family member of the decedent. Grandparents, children, spouses, and parents are regarded as immediate family members in the state. In case you are not an immediate family member of the deceased, you have to submit the order via fax along with evidence of your entitlement to receive the same.

Arkansas Death Records

Apart from the immediate family members, the state also permits the decedent’s designated representatives, certain academic research groups, as well as, to people who can show that they enjoy the privilege of procuring the records. If death records are over 50-year-old, they are regarded as public records and can be shared with the public.

Expenses For Obtaining Death Certificate Copy

A copy of a certified death record costs 10 USD and each extra copy costs 8 USD if it for the same record and is ordered simultaneously. In case a copy is not made or the record is not traceable, Arkansas law needs that it retains 10 USD as a search fee. The applicant will get a refund if he/she paid any amount above the search fee of 10 USD.

If no record is found or no copy is made, state law requires that the state keep $10.00 for a search fee. You will receive a refund of any amount paid over the required $10.00 search fee.

In case an Express Service was used along with the credit card, the fee for the Express Search is also not refundable. The state of Arkansas receives money orders, checks, or cash. However, you are not permitted to send cash while ordering a copy via a mail.

How To Find Death Records In Arkansas
Methods for submitting a request

1. Order Online Death Records

Ordering death records online is the most efficient and simplest way to order certified Arkansas death records. The reason for this is there is less chance for mistakes when the details are entered by the users themselves. The forms are simple and have strong editing features so that there is an enhanced accuracy of an order.

2. By Mail

The applicant has to fill up the application form and send it along with the stipulated fee to the state Department of Health.

3. By Phone

Death certificates in Arkansas can be also ordered over the phone. You should have your death certificate information and credit card details ready while calling so that the ordering process is faster. The certificate fee and the service fee will be charged to your credit card. It is also possible to return the certificates overnight by paying an extra shipping fee.

4. In-Person

It is also possible to get a death record’s certified copy by visiting the Arkansas Department of Health physically. The department accepts the order and can issue them on the same day. The working hours are from 8 am to 4 pm and Monday to Friday.

A person can order public records Arkansas through VitalChek for faster processing. When your order for a copy of the death certificate in the state of Arkansas is complete, the copy will be sent electronically within the next working day for processing.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 29, 2021
Sensitive Information!