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Colorado Birth Certificate: How to Get a Birth Certificate in Colorado?

Birth Records

You may wish to have 2 copies of your birth certificate or have lost it. However, do not panic as there is a possibility of getting an extra copy. So, in case you were wondering how to get a birth certificate in Colorado, go through the following sections.

It is possible to obtain your Colorado birth certificate in person or through online, fax, or mail. Simply follow the instructions below and get the Colorado birth records in a hassle-free manner.

Online process

  1. Use VitalChek

You can order birth certificate Colorado through VitalChek. Initiate the order by choosing a birth certificate and then choosing in case you are ordering it for someone else or for yourself.

You will be asked an array of questions as part of the online process like your full legal name, state of birth, city, names of parents, date of birth and reason. The module also charges an extra fee of 10 USD after the starting fee of 17.75 USD for one of these public records. The processing takes around two to four days.

     2. Use certificates

Birth records in Colorado can be also obtained from certificates. To order, it is mandatory to furnish a copy of your ID, as well as the evidence of your relationship. Once the order is placed, return to the portal and then upload a scanned picture of your relationship and ID proof.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Colorado

Procuring birth certificates physically

Check out how to procure birth certificates in person in Colorado:

  1. Fill up the application form

For procuring a birth certificate through fax, mail, or in person, you have to first fill up an application form that requires the following:

  1. Basic details about the applicant such as full legal name, phone number, mailing address, the reason for the request, relationship with the owner of the birth certificate.
  2. Basic details about the registrant i.e. the owner of birth certificates such as complete legal name, birthplace, date of birth, and full names of mother and father.
  3. Appropriate documentation should be ready

Procuring a birth certificate needs certain documents to be submitted along with the application. It includes:

  1. Completely filled up application
  2. Copy of the current driver’s license of the requestor or other valid id proof
  3. Requestor’s signature
  4. In case the registrant has passed away, a copy of the death certificate is also required
  5. Should be authorized to get the birth certificate

Only certain people are eligible to get birth certificates. The requestor has to be related to the individual whose birth certificate he/she wants to procure. These relatives include parent, spouse, stepparent, grandparents, legal guardian, great grandparents, half-siblings, siblings, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and children. The applicant should furnish evidence of familial relationship prior to the issuance of the state of Colorado birth certificate.

Colorado Birth Certificate

Who can request birth certificates?

  1. Those eligible for getting a copy of the birth record includes grandparents, parents, great grandparents, stepparents, grandchildren, spouse, siblings, legal guardian, legal representatives, and adult children.
  2. Legal representatives and legal guardians of any family member producing evidence of client relationship may order for birth certificates.
  3. The application offers special choices for adoptions such as adopted individual or adoptive parents.

The fee should be included with the application

Every request for the birth certificate should be endorsed with a non-refundable fee. The applicant can pay by credit card, money order, check, or cash.

The application can be faxed

It is also possible to fax the application with all the necessary supporting documents. These should be faxed to the Office of the Vital Records. The fax number to be used is 1-800-423-1108. Mention all credit card details along with the faxed documents. The method typically takes around 5 working days.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 25, 2021
Sensitive Information!