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Georgia Birth Certificate: How to Get a Birth Certificate in Georgia?

A birth certificate is the first document that is created when the child is born. If someone has lost their birth certificate, it can be remade. Also if anyone needs to replace the birth certificate, it can be prepared again. The Georgia department of health website (GA vital records department) has a detailed account of how to obtain a new birth certificate, how to print a copy of the existing birth certificate, how to replace the birth certificate or how to certify whether an available birth certificate is valid or not etc. Here are quick steps that explain to you how to get a birth certificate in Georgia.

The three kinds of public records services that online portals provide to order a birth certificate, Georgia are:

  1. Prepare a new birth certificate
  2. Replace the birth certificate
  3. Create a copy of the birth certificate.

All these services are chargeable under the State of Georgia Birth Certificate creation program and the certificate reaches the concerned person within 10 working days.

How to order a new birth certificate in Georgia?

In the State of Georgia, a birth certificate can be obtained from the public health center in person or fill the form online (click here). The services are paid services only. If you wish to order your Georgia birth records online, you need to submit the following details namely

  1. State of birth
  2. City/ town of birth
  3. Country of birth
  4. First name at birth
  5. Middle name at birth
  6. Last name at birth
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Gender
  9. Has the person changed his name through a marriage
  10. Has the person ever changed his name
  11. Date of birth
  12. State of birth
  13. Country of birth
  14. Mother’s first name
  15. Mother’s maiden name
  16. Mother’s last name
  17. Mothers last name after marriage is different
  18. Father’s first name
  19. Father’s middle name
  20. Father’s last name
  21. Father unknown or unlisted
  22. Name and contact information
  23. Address
  24. Email address
  25. Phone number
  26. Why are you applying for a birth certificate
  27. Address in detail

After filling these details one needs to adjudge the form and acknowledge the information shared is private and can apply for new Georgia birth records.

How to replace a birth certificate in Georgia?

At times, one might have filled an information wrong in their birth certificate. In such cases, one needs to replace information in the Georgia Birth certificate. One can fill the form (click here) and replace the contents in the birth certificate. Once the form is filled and uploaded, the form is scrutinized, the order is reviewed and the documents are created within 10 working days and mailed to the concerned person.

How to get a copy of the birth certificate in Georgia? 

There are chances that one has lost his or her birth records by mistake. In such circumstances, Georgia online portals help to create a copy of the birth certificate. One can fill the form (click here), submit the same and then it is reviewed and the copy of the birth certificate is generated and mailed to the concerned person.

Request a birth certificate from the local health department

In Georgia the birth records can be obtained on the very same day, a child’s birth certificate can be obtained by the parents whose name is listed in the Georgia birth records. If guardians are requesting the birth records, they need to be legal guardians of the child. For adult’s birth certificate, the person on whose name the certificate is published, he/ she can obtain the record with ease on the very same day

For address and phone number details of the local health department in Georgia, please click here.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!