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How to Get a Birth Certificate in Virginia?

There could be various reasons to order a birth certificate in Virginia. For example, you would like to have 2 copies of it or have misplaced the certificate. If you are contemplating how to get a birth certificate in Virginia, read on to know more.

Method 1: You should Understand the Fundamentals

1. Know about the Vital Records Office

It is a division of the state’s Department of Health. The Office of the Vital Records in the state offers birth records, as well as, death records from the year 1912.

2. Figure out, which persons are eligible to get the birth certificate copy

It is imperative for you to note that only certain people enjoy access to Virginia birth records as they are considered to be confidential in nature. While requesting a Virginia birth certificate, a person should be older than 18 years, a married juvenile, a parent who less than 18 years when requesting for his/her kid’s birth certificate, or an emancipated minor. While requesting a copy for a close family member, the requestor has to be a current spouse, father, adult sister, mother, child, adult brother, paternal grandparents, or maternal grandparents. When a legal representative orders a copy, they should have the power of attorney for the person whose name appears on the birth record or should be the agent or attorney of the individual whose name is mentioned on the birth certificate.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Virginia
3. Be aware of the DMV alternative

When you stay far away from the state’s Office of Vital Records, an alternative option exists to procure these public records. The DMV or the Department of Motor Vehicles preserve copies of all birth certificates of the state from 1912 to current records.

Method 2: Get a copy of the Birth Certificate by mail or walk-ins

1. The application form has to be filled up correctly

If you are requesting a copy of the birth certificate either by walking-in or mail, the first step is to fill up an application form. The form is available in PDF format at the Office of Vital Record’s official website.

  1. You have to fill up details like your name, phone number, address, state, zip code, and city.
  2. You have to also enter your relationship with the person whose name appears on the birth certificate, as well as the reason to request a copy.
  3. The form also asks the kind of birth certificate you desire, as well as how many copies you need,
  4. You have to put your signature on the application form
  5. Other details to provide are the complete name of the individual on the birth certificate, place of birth, date of birth, their fathers’ and mothers’ names, and the hospital name where they were born.
  6. You should furnish a copy of your valid ID proof
State of Virginia Birth Certificate

To procure a copy of your own birth record, do not forget to bring a copy of your valid photo ID.

You can also walk-in for a copy of the Certificate

  1. You will be told to fill up an application form in case not done already.
  2. They will also ask you to show your ID proof to the processing clerk
  3. You will have to pay a fee of 12 USD and it can be paid by money order, check, or cash. However, credit and debit cards are not accepted.

You can also mail your application form

In case it is inconvenient to get to the office, you may even send your application by mail to get the state of Virginia birth certificate. The application should be a signed one and enclosed with valid ID proof, as well as a letter duly signed mentioning your return address. You need to also include a money order or a check to order birth certificate Virginia by mail.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!