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How to Obtain Court Records in the State of Indiana?

In the state of Indiana, citizens have the right to view records and documents that have been filed in Indiana courts. However, certain public records, state records, and court records are exempt from viewing, based on the wishes of the parties that were involved in the case. You can view Indiana court records online, as well as offline.

There is a standard price for Indiana state court records, at $1 per page for every copy. A certified copy will cost you $2 per page. In addition, you will also have to pay a nominal fee for the usage of your bank card. You will not be allowed to pay by any other means. If you have requested the particulars of the Indiana court records by mail, then you will have to pay the money and submit an envelope with your address and stamps.

Indiana Court Records
Circumstances Where
Indiana Court Records Search is Prohibited

There are some very special circumstances where the court does not allow the public records, state records, or court records to be open for viewing by all. Indiana state court records are closed in the following situations:

  • It is in the public interest to keep the documents of a case closed
  • Access of the court records by the public would cause severe harm to either party involved in the case, or to the public in general.
  • The case will not be able to move forward normally if the public is allowed access to it
  • Cases involving adoption records, crimes committed by a juvenile, cases related to mental health, tax records of the parties involved and the personal details of the judges involved in the cases are withheld from the public in Indiana court records search.

How to Get Court Records In Indiana Online

In order to access Indiana court records online, you will have to log in to My Case, the official site for all cases which are not closed off to the public. The information in the website differs largely, depending on the county where the case was held and how far back the county keeps records of their cases. In addition, many Indiana court records are simply not available online, for which the person will have to take the offline route.

 Indiana Public Court Records
How to Get Court Records In Indiana Offline

Offline records of cases are always found in the courtroom where the case was held. In order to conduct an Indiana court records search, you will have to enlist the help of a Copy Clerk. The data that you can access offline includes docket information, the stances of either party during the trial proceedings, the judgments and the decisions of the court, evidence which was produced by both the parties, transcripts of the hearing, and the verdict of the jury if there was one.

If you wish to access your own case file, then you will have to come to the Criminal Clerk’s office along with your driver’s license for accurate identification. People who are accessing their own case files will not have to pay any kind of fee. However, for further identification, you will have to provide your full name, birth date, and the case number when filling out the request form.

If you wish to access the official records pertaining to a case, then too, you will have to go to the court where the trial was held. The records will be provided to you from the County Recorder’s Office, in exchange for a small fee, which differs in every county. In addition, some counties will also provide you the official records online, free of charge.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 28, 2021
Sensitive Information!