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How to Obtain Court Records in the State of Massachusetts?

In the State of Massachusetts, citizens possess the right to view and obtain a copy of any court records that are filed within the state. However, this is not an absolute right as the court may decide to seal records under particular circumstances.

If you would like to obtain a copy of any Massachusetts court records, you need to visit the courthouse where the case was heard or is taking place. You will need to complete a request form and submit it in writing to the County of the Clerk for that particular courthouse. To find out the phone number, location, and website of the state's court relevant to your public records, please visit the Massachusetts judiciary website. The site also contains helpful guidelines related to the Public’s Right of Access to Judicial Proceedings and Records.

Massachusetts Court Records

What Types of Information is Available in the Court Records?

Generally, you may access the following types of information in court records:

  • Docket information
  • Motions and pleadings related to both parties in a lawsuit
  • Evidence introduced into the court by the defense and prosecution teams
  • Transcripts of the hearing
  • Orders and decisions made by the court
  • Case fields
  • Index of both parties for closed and pending criminal and civil cases
  • Some juvenile records
  • Search warrants returned to court
  • Addresses and names of jurors
  • Jury questionnaires
Documents filed in the court related to a settlement

How to Get Court Records in Massachusetts?

You may view Massachusetts State court records in person or online.


Court records are located at state courthouses at select public access computers within the District courts, Probate, and Family Courts, Boston Municipal courts, Housing and Land Courts, County Registry and Deeds office or the Superior Court. There are public access PCs at these locations. They rely on an eAccess application which enables you to search for case based on the case number, case type, or name. The search results will show information related to a specific case, event docket, disposition details, etc. However, you won't be able to view case documents. These are available for viewing via the County Clerk Register or the Recorder's Office.

Massachusetts State Court Records


You may also search for Massachusetts court records online by visiting www.masscourts.org. Log in identification is not required to access information.

To Conduct a Massachusetts Court Records Search, do the following:

  1. Visit www.masscourts.org. Enters letters that you see in the challenge image.
  2. Select "Click here to search public records." Select the court division and department you're looking for. The court's location will fill in automatically.
  3. Once these fields are completed, search tabs for the case type, name, case number, and citation or ticket number will pop up. Select the method with which you'd like to conduct your case search.

A majority of criminal cases may only be searched using a docket number. When entering a docket number, enter it exactly how you see it.

Citation or ticket numbers will only retrieve the District Court and Boston Municipal court cases.

  1. Once you select ‘search,' a list of cases will populate. Navigate through these search results. Up to 100 records for each record will be displayed. Ensure you narrow your search criteria to view records in a specific range.
  2. To view specifics about a particular case, click on the case's link. You'll be able to view docket information, disposition details, details about the case, and its events and parties.

Case documents cannot be viewed. You may view these at the courthouse where the case was tried.

To print a particular case, select the print icon.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 20, 2022
Sensitive Information!