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How to Get a Birth Certificate in Missouri?

You may require a copy of a Missouri birth certificate when you have misplaced it or to get a new driver’s license or for your passport. The good news is that it is not difficult to get copies of birth records in the state of Missouri.

Check out how to get a birth certificate in Missouri in the following section:

1. In-person

The requestor can visit the nearest health department in the locality with their completed application form, self-addressed and a legal-size stamped envelope. They also have to submit the cash, money order, or check as a fee for the search.

2. By mail

Fill up the application form and mail it along with a stamped, self-addressed, and legal-size envelope and along with money order or check as a search fee. However, cash should not be enclosed when you are mailing your application form.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Missouri
3. Request a vital record without sending an application form in Missouri

You can order a birth certificate in Missouri by written communication to the Bureau of Vital Records and furnishing the following information:

1. Place of birth

2.Complete name at birth

3. Date of birth

4.Provide names of both parents including maiden names of mothers for birth records

5. Elaborate the purpose for requesting the public records

6.The relationship of the requestor with the individual whose birth certificate is being asked for

If people want copies of Missouri birth records with an application, a money order or a check for the stipulated amount should be sent to the Bureau of Vital Records by mail.

Birth Certificate in Missouri

Order birth certificate online –VitalChek

  • If you wish to avail a faster service, you can contact their toll-free number, which is operational for 7 days a week and 24 hours every day. You can request the documents by phone and make the payment through one of the major credit cards. VitalChek charges an extra fee to use this service. In order to further speed up your request, you can avail their overnight delivery service.
  • The most efficient and simplest technique to order for vital records such as official birth certificates, VitalChek ensure less opportunity for error while you key-in the information yourself.
  • The Department of Health & Senior Services in Missouri authorizes VitalCheck, which is an official service. You can use this service for secure ordering of certified vital records of the state such as birth certificates. While there are other online services, the state Department of Health & Senior Services may not authorize them. Also, these services can charge extra fees without assuring your data confidentiality or offering approved services.
  • VitalChek is an organization approved by the government that has been operational for 25 years. It is known to securely deliver several millions of public records annually. In fact, it is the number 1 resource in the United States of America to order certified vital records all over the country. The service provider ensures that you can purchase the most crucial documents of your families like Missouri birth certificate, secure, fast, and simple.
  • It offers easy step-by-step ordering while providing simple editing features to make sure that your order is accurate.
  • Speedy online processing, ordering, and delivery choices to assist in getting your birth certificate as fast as possible.
  • Features secure ordering processes, which are specifically designed to assist in protecting your online identity.
  • VitalCheck provides the ease of ordering the state of Missouri birth certificate for your family or yourself sitting at your office or home, at any time of the day, and on all seven days of the week.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 5, 2021
Sensitive Information!