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Finding Death Records in Washington

The Washington Health Department manages and preserves public records including death records of the people of the state. The department has Washington death records starting from July 1907 to records dated 2 months prior to the present date.

If you are looking for death records of people that died in the current month or the previous month, then visit your local health department office to find the record.

More about Public Death Records Washington

Prior to July 1907, death records were registered and managed by the respective county where the death occurred. After 1907, the State of Washington received death records registered with the respective counties. All such records are available in a microfilm format at the Library of Washington State.

There are a number of online resources approved by the state where you can find Washington Death Records.How to Find Death Records in Washington
Find out more about how to find death records in Washington:

Visit the Washington State Library

The library has an archive of deaths registered in different counties. The records are available in microfilm formats of different reel sizes. The list of counties and the deaths that occurred in each county are available here. The list is categorized according to the year. Go through the list to know if the death record you are looking for would be available at the Library.

Search State Archives for Non-Digitized Death Records

Many of the online death records uploaded to the State Archives system are original. Death records are spread across the state’s 5 archive branches.

To search for a record, go to the Archives Collection section. Choose your county on the map given in this section to go to the respective Archives branch that may hold the required death record. Alternatively, you can use the Keyword search tool available on this page to locate a death record.
The records available through this search are in a non-digitized format.

Search Digital Archives Website

The Digital Archives division of the Washington State Library has a scanned collection of the death records available at the library.
Visit the Digital Archives website to search for a death record. Specify “Death Records” in the “Collections” field of the search tool. You can search either by using the first and last names of the record subject or by specifying a keyword.

Submit a Request to “Ask a Librarian”

If you have a specific name to search, visit Ask a Librarian. Give the details requested on this page. Specify the name that you want searched in the “Question” field. Submit the question and receive a reply to the email address you specified in the “Email Address” field.

Washington Death Records Online

Visit your County Health Department Office or County Auditor Office

Visit your county’s health department office to know the process for searching a death record without ordering it.

King county’s public health office, for example, permits the public to search for a death record without having to order it. All you need to do is submit a written request specifying your requirement and make a payment as applicable. Find out if your local county office offers such a service.

Other than King, Spokane and Pierce may offer such a service. If you reside anywhere outside of these counties, visit your local county auditor’s office to know about the appropriate process.

Other Resources
  • Visit ancestry.com to find Washington death records online. Here you’ll find scanned copies of the death records available at the Washington State Library. This service is a paid service and is offered only to members.
  • Call the health department at 236 4300 between 8.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m., on any day from Monday to Friday. Ask if they offer a service where you can see a death record without having to order it.
  • Alternatively, you can send an email to the department’s office address ContactCHS@doh.wa.gov. You can also visit the health department office at Tumwater located in Israel Road 101 of Town Center 1 in person.
  • Visit the Secretary of State website for more online resources on finding a death record. Resources include Transportation Department Library, Social Security death record index, and online obituary portals for Washington State.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 26, 2022
Sensitive Information!