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 Embezzlement Law IdahoEmbezzlement is defined as the theft of funds and breaking the trust of the person to whom it lawfully belonged to. Embezzlement law is the set of rules and regulations that are used to punish the accused who has laundered money, property, bonds or records. In the United States, embezzlement is classified as a financial fraudulent activity. Along with federal law, state-wise the punishment and fine structure vary.

What is Embezzlement in Idaho?

Idaho Embezzlement laws are used to punish two types of crimes namely:

1. Petit Theft

2. Grand Theft
Embezzlement Definition law in Idaho according to the Idaho Code (18-2403) defines that a person can be charged as guilty if he or she deprives another person of their wealth in a wrongful way or by hurting them physically and mentally. Generally, when one is booked under theft, the possible reasons for filing the case sheet are:
  • Exhibition of control over other’s money
  • Embezzlement
  • Extorting money by threatening
  • Stolen property
  • Exhibition of rights over stolen goods or property instead of returning the same
  • Fraudulent possession
  • Felony or impersonating as someone to possess a property
  • Stealing services or labor and not paying them duly
In any of the cases mentioned above, the charges are analyzed, the evidence is collected and suitable punishment for embezzlement in Idaho is announced as judgment.

Idaho Embezzlement Law

What is embezzlement law in Idaho?

As mentioned earlier Idaho embezzlement law has two categories of theft and according to the statutes petit theft is classified as a misdemeanor and grand theft can be classified under misdemeanor or felony based on how much property is stolen or misappropriated. In General, as per Idaho Statutes,
  • Petit theft which is also known as petty theft is the term associated with theft that involves property worth $1000 or less. This can generally include petty cash, property worth the amount, firearms, checks, credit debit cards, etc.
  • When the value of the stolen property is above $1000, it is categorized under grand theft (code 18-2407(2)). Grand theft is punishable by a fine or even jail sentence is issued based on the value of the property stolen and the harm inflicted on the property owner. Also, the following cases are classified under grand theft by default; namely –
o Extortion

o Firearm theft

o Theft of anhydrous ammonia

o Livestock theft

o Series of theft charges

Embezzlement Law Idaho

What are the punishments?

The punishments according to the Embezzlement Law Idaho statutes are severe so that the crime is not repeated. A criminal record is filed on the accused irrespective of the fact that it is a petit theft or grand theft. Petty theft is generally fined based on the cost of the property embezzled. There could be a jail sentence for petit theft as well. The title 19 criminal procedure, chapter 4, time of commencing criminal actions and statutes of limitations of Idaho considers grand theft as highly punishable and has associated the same with the following punishments namely:

1. $5000 fine in general.

2. $10,000 fine or imprisonment for 20 years or both

3. Cases that include killing livestock worth $150 can lead to $5000 fine and incarceration for around 14 years

4. Also, the secondary defaulters, who help the primary accused to steal and embezzle are also charged and penalized in Idaho under embezzlement law.

In Idaho, repeated defaulters are charged with criminal records and when the crime is committed for the second time the punishment is hard and more pronounced. Any state wishes to reduce the crime rate by alerting the citizens and making them understand the severity of embezzlement. Idaho embezzlement trial records are also available for the public view so that one can seek the help of a clever defense attorney and help the accused to argue his case. However, the state does not honor any bias is analyzing embezzlement cases and justice is served equally for all.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 1, 2022
Sensitive Information!