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Judicial Records Indiana: How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of Indiana?

In accordance with the Access to Public Records Act, and rules laid down by the Supreme Court of Indiana, court records are deemed open and can be accessed by the public, unless and until these records fell under special categories and have been categorized as confidential. By allowing the public to have access to court records, the government safeguards their interests, as well as that of the public, by perpetuating transparency and increasing government accountability.

The Access to Public Records Act was introduced back in the year 1980, with the most recent amendments having been made in the year 2003. This act ensures that the public enjoys considerable access to open court records in the State of Indiana, which is a fundamental right of every Indiana citizen. There are different types of court records available in the state of Indiana, and there are specific steps that need to be followed to obtain, inspect or copy these records. This article aims to shed some light on this matter and provide you with a clear picture of ways to access free judicial records in the State of Indiana.

Court Records in Indiana: All you need to know about accessing public judicial records

There are various judicial records, as well as documents, which are open for access in the State of Indiana. You can choose to request copies of these documents and records either via mail or in person. You also need to pay a procurement fee to the Clerk’s Office for the services and resources they have invested to accommodate your request. The price for normal copies of court records is $1 for each page.

However, if you want a certified copy, you would have to pay a charge of $2 per page. You can make the payment to the Clerk’s Office in cash, cashier’s check, money order or debit/credit card. If you are using your debit/credit card, you might have to pay a nominal and additional fee. Personal checks cannot be used to make the payment. In case you have made your request via mail, you must include the payment for the copies with your request, inside an envelope that has been self-addressed. You can also have online access to certain judicial records by using the online portal, created by the State of Indiana to serve this purpose. The following section elaborates upon how you can obtain specific court records in Indiana.

Indiana Judicial Records

Current Civil Records

To gain access to current civil records, you need to visit the Clerk’s Office that is located at W122, City-County Building, first floor, and make the request. Civil records that have been disposed as of the current year, or are still open, can in all likelihood be obtained from the courtrooms that they have been assigned to. To know the location of the court, which has your requested record, you need to make use of the cause number. You can also make use of the court-listing directory, created by the superior courts in Indiana, to conduct your search. The older records can be found using the state database.

Current Criminal Records

To obtain a copy of current criminal records, you are required to visit the court of records. Most current criminal records that are still open or have been disposed of, as of the current year can be found inside the courtrooms where they have been assigned. The cause number of the case is again useful in determining the exact location of the court record. You can also make use of the court-listing directory, created by the superior courts in Indiana, to conduct your search. The older records can be found using the state database.

Records for Closed Criminal and Civil Cases

If you are looking for records of court cases, all you need to do is visit the Records Department situated at 1330 S. Madison Avenue. It is also possible that certain case files are still inside the courtrooms located in the City-County Building, and you can ascertain the location of your requisite file by making use of the state database. For criminal records, you need to place a request with the Criminal Clerk’s Office at W122, in person. In case, you are the defendant in the case, a simple driver’s license to verify your identity is enough to receive copies at zero cost. Information pertaining to the birth date of the defendant, complete name of the defendant and the case number needs to be filed while making the request.

Child Support Records

To obtain files pertaining to child support cases, you can visit either the court of record for cases that are ongoing or the Records Department for cases that have been closed.

Juvenile Records

To obtain juvenile court records, you need to visit the Juvenile Court in Indiana. The address for the same is 25th St. and Keystone Avenue. You need to be present in person and have adequate identification to view juvenile records. You cannot obtain any information if you choose to place a request via email, phone or mail.

Traffic Court Records

To obtain traffic court records, you need to visit the Traffic Court situated on 8115 E. Washington St. during the normal office hours and file your request with the court’s staff.

Judicial Records Indiana

Probate Court Records

Room 1741 inside the City-County Building serves as the Probate Court in Indiana, and you need to visit the same to obtain probate court records.

Divorce Decrees

You can choose to file a request either in person or via the mail, with the Clerk’s Office to obtain a copy of your required divorce decree. If you have chosen mail as your method of filing the request, you also need to fill up an order form online and send the same along with your request.

Small Claim’s Court

The Small Claim’s Court is not covered by the Clerk’s Office and you need to directly approach the court, in case you need to obtain a court record from the former.

Marriage Licenses

To obtain marriage licenses, you need to file a request with the Records Division of the Marion County Clerk’s Office, located at 1330 Madison Avenue. You can make the request via mail or in person. Each copy would cost you $2 per page, and you would be required to provide the complete name of both the spouses, the date of marriage, the number of copies that you require and your contact details while placing the request.

Birth/Death Certificates

The Indiana State Department of Health is responsible for maintaining birth and death certificates of the people of the state. You need to approach them directly to obtain your intended copy of birth or death certificates.

Other Court Records

  • Tax Warrants- To obtain detailed records of tax warrants, you need to visit the Indiana Department of Revenue, or the IDOR, and place a request with them.
  • Court Transcripts- Court transcripts are not produced by the Clerk’s Office in the State of Indiana, and you need to contact the court reporter that had been assigned or appointed to transcribe the court case inside the courtroom, where the case was held. You can get the relevant contact details regarding the court recorder from the Superior Court.
  • Old Records- The Records Department located at 1330 S. Madison Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46225, is responsible for maintaining old records, and you need to visit them during office hours and file your request to obtain the court records that you need.
  • Public Terminals- You can also look for information from the mainframe computer system of the court, known as JUSTIS, using the public terminals set up by the government. These terminals are open or use from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., only on weekdays.

With the help of the aforementioned information, you can now gain access to most open judicial records in the State of Indiana. However, certain records are deemed confidential and cannot be accessed unless you have special clearance or privileges. For everything else, the aforementioned information is adequate, and this article would prove to be most beneficial.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!