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Jacksonville Florida: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

Quite a large coastal city, Jacksonville is situated in an American state called Florida. It has 162 constituent neighborhoods and a population of about 880,619. The city also happens to be Florida’s largest community.

Jacksonville Florida City overview:

Jacksonville is not a purely white-collar and blue-collar dominated city. Rather its workforce is a mix of white-collar, as well as, blue-collar jobs. In all, the city has many people engaged as service providers, professionals, and office and sales workers. You will come across several people residing in the city of Jacksonville who are employed in management jobs (8.96 percent), sales jobs (11.18 percent), office & administrative support (16.47 percent).

Plus, it is interesting to find that the city has many workers residing here who work in math and computers more than 95 percent of the other locations of the United States of America.

Jacksonville Public Records

Major merit of staying in a large city like this is that residents can enjoy using the public transportation system. The public transit system in Jacksonville is a viable option for many residents who have to commute to their workplaces regularly. Many residents here use the own bus to travel to their offices daily although other transportation facilities also exist. Many residents are no comfortable in taking their out their cars to reach office as the city can be quite congested.

As far as the college education is concerned, the city’s education rate is superior to the rate of 21.884 percent in the usual US community who have a four-year degree or even advanced degrees. Jacksonville has about 27.05 percent of its adult population above the age of 25, who have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Jacksonville Florida Crime statistics:

Jacksonville has a crime index of 9, meaning that it is safer than just 9 percent of the cities in the United States. Jacksonville has a rate of crime at forty-three per 1,000 inhabitants. The figures make the city with one of the most severe rates of crime in the United States in comparison to communities of varying sizes from the largest to the tiniest towns. A person’s probability of succumbing to either an incident of property or violent crime here is 1 in 23. Concerning Florida, Jacksonville’s crime rate is more than 82 percent of the other American communities.

The analysis also highlights that the city’s violent rate of crime is one of the nation’s highest vis-à-vis all communities of varying sizes. According to the analysis made by NeighborhoodScout based on the crime data shared by the FBI, an individual’s likelihood of becoming a sufferer of violent crimes in Jacksonville is 1 in 158.

Jacksonville Court Records

Also, based on the total number of instances of homicides shared by the FBI, as well as the number of inhabitants in Jacksonville, NeighborhoodScout’s analysis also highlights that the city has one of America’s highest rates of murder in comparison to towns and cities of different population sizes from smallest to the largest.

Plus, the analysis discovered that different kinds of property crimes are also taking place in the city. Types of property crimes, which were considered, include arson, theft of motor vehicle, larceny, and burglary. Your risk of succumbing to property crime is 1 to 27 that is equivalent to a rate of thirty-six per 1,000 residents.

More importantly, it was also illuminated that the city’s vehicle theft was one of the most severe in the country when the crime data reported by the FBI was studied. The status is vis-à-vis communities of various sizes. The analysis also shares that a person’s possibility of getting their vehicle stolen is 1 in 286 in Jacksonville.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 29, 2021
Sensitive Information!