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How to Find out Someone’s Work history in Kansas

Kansas is one of the prominent states in the U.S. The Kansas Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and state laws allow all it’s employers to make use of private agencies in order to conduct background investigations on an individual for employment and any other purposes.

Knowing the fact that the background check has become an essential process for every company and individual, the states have started giving liberty to many private agencies to perform such background checks in order to verify the information furnished by an individual and to tackle fraudulent claims efficiently.

Nowadays, employers have become very stringent about the background check process. Not only they want to find out someone’s work history, but also willing to get clarity on criminal records and credit history. Fortunately, in Kansas, FCRA gives liberty to all private agencies to perform background checks under the State.

Sec. 50-705. However, the Kansas law gives a detailed consumer and investigative report excluding information on bankruptcies of 14 years old. It also doesn’t give a report on criminal cases of more than 7 years old. Thus, it has some limitations that every employer has to deal with.

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However, the sole purpose of the Kansas FCRA is to protect all the companies, employers, employees and candidates from all fraudulent activities or cases. The sole aim of the Kansas FCRA is to make sure about the privacy, accuracy, and fairness while giving an individual’s information. It has achieved the trust and credibility by having a stringent set standard for collecting and using consumer information for the betterment of the organisations and candidates.

There are many ways to know about the work history of a person

  • Get details from his/her resume

The employers often conduct such background checks to know about an individual’s work history in order to make sure that every information mentioned in the resume is authentic. It can also be done by matching the information and facts mentioned in the resume to the information published on the online employment history search portal.

  • Make use of SSN to retrieve details from online research sites

Nowadays, there are many online employment history search portals such as People Records where one can find information with the help of Social Security Number (SSN). All you need to do is to enter the SSN to get the person’s details in the quickest manner without beating around the bush. SSN actually simplifies the entire process of background checks, and one can easily check out the work history of a particular person in Kansas. The only limitation is that such online websites often charge a fee in order to perform a background check or to give you exact details matching your profile.

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  • LinkedIn is also the best way to know about his/her previous employers

Along with that, one can also make use of one of the most popular social media sites, LinkedIn. It is the most professional and authentic online website where one can find out a person’s profile and can also interact with a couple of his official friends or colleagues. In fact, it also helps you to get instant access to the individual’s work history including the names of all his previous employers. One can easily pick any one of the employers to verify the details, tenure and his conduct in the previous company in order to get good knowledge about his performance and experience.

However, when it comes to Kansas, one has to keep in mind that EEOC has to be taken into consideration while hiring a person. The EEOC gives you guidance on how companies can make use of criminal records while hiring anyone. It enables employers to check the individual on his criminal record if any. For further information on the Kansas state laws and background checks, one must visit the official labor and law page of the country.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 26, 2022
Sensitive Information!