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What exactly are Marriage and Divorce Records?

Marriage records consist of marriage certificates which are categorized as a person vital record, and can be part of his background check. This means that the marriage certificate is held or kept the government in which the married couple wed. The government keeps the civil registration in order to protect the individual’s rights. This is done by every government in the United States on a State level.

Many people search for marriage records for our grandparents or parents, sometimes, even our great grandparents. This helps up connect with the past and make connection for our family line and family tree. You could search and lookup you grandparents’ marriage records if you know their names! If you are looking to build your family tree, running a marriage record would be the best way to start.

If you want to obtain accurate results for your vital search (marriage records), make sure you perform a search in the state of which the marriage record was formed. This does not mean where the ceremony took place, but would mean where the couple have registered as a married couple. Each State Government has the responsibility of holding and maintaining vital records. Finding marriage records has never been easier with online web services such as GoLookUp Marriage and Divorce Records search.

marriage and divorce

This History of Marriage

How long does the holy, sacred marriage sanctuary go back to? It goes back, way back. In order to create safe environment in communities, ancient/old societies used marriage as a way to allow property rights to certain people in order protect their heritage and continuation, as well as legacy. Though marriage has always been about love and emotions, It was mainly used for stability and in some cases a way to make deals between certain tribes. The idea of a wedding ring has split opinions, some believe it goes back to the history of ancient Rome, other believe it dates back 5,000 yeas ago to Ancient Egypt. However, there is not exact date or no exact history documents proving where wedding rings came from. With that being said, Egyptian believed that wearing a finger ring is a symbol connecting veins directly to the heart.


Marriage Statistics

About five years ago, at around 2012; one third of young adults said they wish to get married at some point of their lives. Today, that number decreases every year. The idea of marriage is changing as society is changing with the way the look at marriage. The amount of marriages in the past 15 yeas has been on a steady decline! Less and Less people are getting married nowadays. In 2009,9 years ago about 30 percent of American men got married between the ages of 25 and 30. In 2016, the average age of first time marriage for men in the United States was 27. Another interesting statistic is that 40% of wedding in the United States take place during the summer, this makes sense as people would rather have good weather on their wedding day. About 40% of engagements take place between the Holiday of Thanks Giving and Valentines Day. The Average cost of an engagement ring is $5,000. Only 50% of engaged women said they were actually surprised and did not see it coming.

Another interesting statistic is: Over 80% of newly engaged couples share their engagement on social media. 83% of Wedding planning happens online! The planning process takes place mostly on desktop computers and tablets. About 36% of newly weds send an online save the date invite. A staggering 52% uses a mobile app to plan their wedding and send a wedding save the date invite. Most wedding planners use Pinterest to plan their wedding. From the vendors hired for wedding the top professional hired are: Photographers, hair and makeup artists, flower planner and flower provider, and most importantly wedding cake. In 2017 the Average age of engages are: 33 years old for men, and 31 year old for women. Most newly weds plan to buy their home together only 2 years after getting married. You will not be surprised to know that 1 out of 4 people who get married, actually meet online. The average wedding has 130 people who attend. Over 60% ask for their parents blessings to get married. A High 75% of couples live together before they get engaged, which seems to make a lot of sense.


Tips for Planning your Wedding

  • Know the number of guests who are going to attend your weeding ahead of time. This will help you plan expenses accordingly.
  • Research and check if your wedding falls on any bad dates that may require some of your guests to miss your wedding.
  • Pick a date where weather is mostly predictable and have less chance of changing. The earth weather is unpredictable, do your best to pick a date that you know will have less chance of changing on you.
  • Use a high reward credit card to make your wedding purchase. By doing that you will earn points and cash back! Thats always great!
  • Use recommended vendors.
  • Make sure whoever you are inviting are actually coming to your wedding. If you invite guests that have no intention of appearing at your wedding, that will cost you extra!
  • Make sure you have enough bartenders. Each bartender can attend to about 30 guests per event. Make sure you have enough bar tenders. Nothing is irritating then having bad bar and alcohol service on a wedding day.
  • Be flexible with your date. You might get a better deal if you are wiling to be more flexible with your wedding date.
  • Be flexible with your date. You might get a better deal if you are wiling to be more flexible with your wedding date.
  • Provide accurate driving instructions before your wedding day. That will make sure you have no late comers and everything starts right on time.
  • Look for deals on your wedding dress and wedding suit. There are great last minute deals for renting and buying the perfect wedding dress and perfect groom suit.
  • Go with a referred or highly recommended food service. You do not want your guests to get food poison on your wedding day.
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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 20, 2019
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