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Idaho Marriage License - Here is How to Get It!

Idaho is a state known for its mountains and forests. The beautiful state that is blessed by nature would be a great place to get married. A marriage amidst verdant settings would create great memories to be cherished for a long time. In this article, we discuss how to get married and get a marriage license in Idaho.

Idaho marriage license pre-requisites

The pre-requisite eligibility to get married includes the following:

  • There is no residency requirement for applicants. Non-US citizens can also get married here and apply for a license.
  • The applicants need to be 18 years of age or older. Those 16 or 17 years old can get married if one of their parents or guardian consent. A 15-year old can get married with parental consent and an order from an Idaho judge.
  • The social security number needs to be available for both the applicants. For non-US applicants, the identification issued by their respective countries needs to be provided.
  • No blood tests are needed. However, an AIDS pamphlet has to read by the participants and signed before the issue of license.
  • Valid government ID containing the photo and date of birth is required. Driver’s license or passport would be an acceptable document.
Marriage License Idaho

Where to get the marriage license?

Marriage licenses in the state of Idaho are issued by the County Recorder. Applicants who wish to obtain a marriage license need to visit the office of the county recorder in the county of their choice. They can look up the address of the county recorder’s office online. No prior appointment is needed. However, it is advisable to call up before visiting the office.


How to apply for an Idaho marriage license?

Both the applicants for the license must be physically present at the County recorder’s office. The documents they need to bring with them include – birth certificate (for minors), valid photo ID card, and social security number.  You need to fill in an application form and submit the necessary documents.

The application fee, as applicable on the date of application, needs to be paid in cash at the country recorder’s office. If all your documents are valid, then the license would be immediately issued. Two copies of the license are issued. One copy would have a gold seal, which you can keep. The other copy must be filed within 30 days of the wedding ceremony.

Idaho Marriage License

The validity of the Idaho marriage license

The license once received is valid throughout the state of Idaho, which means the marriage can take place anywhere in Idaho. There is no validity period for the license. On obtaining a license, one can get married anytime. However, if the license is not used within a year, they need to contact the contact the Idaho Statistics office.

Marriage certificate

The wedding can take place at any time. The wedding must be conducted by an officiant recognized by the Government. Priests or ministers, judges, or other officials designated by the Government can conduct the wedding ceremony. There is no requirement for witnesses for the marriage. The ceremony has to be conducted within the state of Idaho. On completion of the ceremony, information related to date and venue of the wedding and the name of the officiant needs to be submitted to the county recorder’s office on the duplicate copy of the license. The marriage certificate, which is a part of the license document, would be signed and authenticated and issued by the County Recorder. The certificate is a legal document which is proof of marriage.

Contact information

One can visit https://www.idaho.gov/family-records/marriage/ to obtain more information on getting a marriage license in Idaho. Marriage laws vary from county to county; this needs to be verified before going ahead with the procedure.

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