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How to Get a Nevada Marriage License

It is fast and simple to get a license for marriage in the state of Nevada. Contrary to many other states of the United States, Nevada does not need a period for waiting in between applying for the license and getting the marriage licenses. Simply read on to know the process for getting a marriage license in Nevada.

Preparation for application for a Nevada Marriage License

To figure out the eligibility for getting married in Nevada

Nevada does not have the restriction of letting only its residents to get married within the state. However, when a marriage license is issued in the state, it has to be used within Nevada. In case anyone or both the parties are 16-17 years of age, one of the parents or legal guardian has to be present. A person below 16-year-old can get married only when a court order authorizes the request made by the legal guardian or a parent.

Marriage License Nevada

Official documents that can serve as evidence of identity and age for the people getting married should be collected

Every individual should have any one of the documents mentioned below while applying for their marriage license. They should also prove their Social Security Number.

  • Valid passport
  • Military ID
  • Valid photo IDs like a valid ID card issued by DMV or a driver’s license that is valid
  • Resident Alien card
  • Original or certified birth certificate

Offer documentation related to previous marriages when applicable

In case either of the partners had married previously, they should offer details about such marriages while filling up the application for the license. They should mention whether heir former spouse is alive and if the earlier marriage ended in death, annulment, or divorce. In case there was a divorce, they should give the full legal name of their ex-spouse, the date when their divorce got finalized and the country, state, and city, which issued the divorce. The parties may be also asked to furnish a valid copy of the dissolution document or the divorce decree.

Determine on the surname

In case a party wishes to alter their surname legally after getting married, the simplest way of doing so is to mention it on their marriage license application. After the completion of their marriage, the surname mentioned on the marriage license becomes the new legal surname.

Nevada Marriage License

Nevada marriage license application

1. Fill out the application for a marriage license online
It should be done not before 60 days of the date of marriage. In fact, this is an easy and fast method to get the marriage license. In order to access the online pre-license application form, click on http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/depts/clerk/pages/preapp.aspx.

2. Fill up a marriage license application in the office of the county clerk
In case a person is unable to fill up the online pre-application, they can visit the office of the county clerk and fill up the application. Both parties should be present while applying for their marriage license. Payment for the license can be usually done through check or cash.

3. Get the marriage license immediately after completing the application
After getting a marriage license, the parties need to get their marriage ceremony completed within 60 calendar days. As an exception, military personnel can get married within 180 days of the issuance of their marriage license.

A person who is authorized or has the relevant license should be located to perform wedding ceremonies in the state of Nevada?
A licensed or ordained clergyman who has with him/her a certificate indicating the necessary permissions to conduct or solemnize marriage ceremonies, as well as, justices of the peace are authorized to conduct marriages in the state of Nevada.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 19, 2021
Sensitive Information!