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How to Find out Someone’s Work History in Massachusetts

One of the most essential parts of hiring an applicant for a job is to do a background screening of that candidate. Nowadays, hiring the right employee for your company becomes a difficult task. So, it is best to go through a screening process to acquire information of the applicant regarding his working history and background to make this process of hiring hassle-free.

In Massachusetts, there are many laws, rules, and regulations that a company has to maintain before hiring an employee. These laws are made only to refrain people from making false claims at the time of the interview. To avoid any trouble in the future, the background screening becomes a sought-after process by most of the companies in Massachusetts before hiring people for jobs.

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Reasons to Find out the Work History

There are multiple reasons as to why one should find out the working history of a candidate before providing the job to him or her. Most of the applicants make false claims regarding their previous job experience and they often hide some criminal records, lodged against them. So, to keep your company out of harm’s way, background screening becomes a sine qua non.

  • You can confirm the work experience of candidates through their work history. Many candidates provide false information regarding their work history to grab better salary packages.

  • Through this screening process, you would also get an idea about the job responsibility of the candidates. The working history has all the information about working responsibility and management during their tenure in earlier firms.

  • The candidates, in most cases, try to keep the reason for the resignation from their previous job. As an employer, you need to be clear about the working ethics of the candidates.

So, the working history verification not only enhances the chance to hire the right employee but also to keep away from any further nuisance.

Laws and Ways regarding Applicant’s Work History Checks

A law was passed by the Massachusetts government that the employers have no authority to ask candidates about their salary history. Massachusetts is the first state to promote this law that is based on the model - equal pay for equal work.

An employer may ask you to provide your records regarding the work history and with your consent only, the agency may progress further to acquire information about your background. Following are the ways how to find an applicant’s working history:

  • With the help of the Social Security Administration, an employer can fetch the work history of a candidate. As the social security benefits are registered under SSA, they maintain all the records of the work history of a person.

  • You can also make use of IRS records to get the work history of a candidate. Ask the candidate to fill the 4506 IRS form and mail it to the IRS department. IRS has all the detailed records of the work history of a person as he or she has to file W-2 along with the tax return each year.

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How to Find out Someone’s Working History

There are multiple websites where you can search the working history of a person with the help of proper legal documentation. GoLookUp is one of those websites that assists you to find out the work history of any person. This web interface is very convenient and they regularly update their database, so that you get accurate information.

PublicRecordsCenter is another website that offers you to do someone’s work history searches instantly. You only need to provide the name and the location of the applicant and the result will be in front of you within five minutes. This website is well-favored among the employers because it is fast, safe and secure.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 1, 2022
Sensitive Information!