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Miami Florida: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

A big coastal city in the American state of Florida, Miami has an approximate population of 453, 5799 residents. With 258 constituent neighborhoods, the city is Florida’s second largest community.

Miami Florida City overview:

Contrary to some American cities where the local economy is dominated by blue-collar or white-collar jobs, Miami is not predominated by any of the two occupations. Rather, its workforce is a mixed one.

In all, the city has a mixed workforce of professional, service providers, and sales & office workers. One will come across several such people residing in Miami who are engaged in office & admin support (11.79 percent), sales jobs (12.51 percent), and maintenance jobs (9.16 percent).

Miami Court Records

A major advantage of living in a big city such as Mimi is that it has a robust public transportation system. The good news is that the city has a good transit system, which is used by many people for commuting to work on a daily basis. It is usual to find a lot of residents riding a bus to commute to their offices daily although other transportation choices are also available in the city. As many residents in the city prefer to travel by bus rather than taking out their private vehicles, they are benefitted from reduced traffic and air pollution.

Plus, the citizens of Miami have a higher educational level as compared to the average educational qualification of the towns and cities in the United States of America. About 24.96 percentage of the adult population in the city has a minimum of a bachelor's degree. Additionally, the most widely used language used for communication in the city is Spanish. Some other prominent languages used here to communicate are English and French.
Miami Florida Crime statistics:

The city has a crime index of 6, signifying that it is safer as compared to only 6 percent of the other cities in the United States of America. Miami has a rate of crime at fifty-one per 1,000 inhabitants. In fact, the city has one of America's highest crime rates when compared to various communities of different sizes. A person's risk of succumbing to property or violent crime here is 1 in twenty. In the state of Florida itself, Miami has a higher crime rate than 89 percent of the other communities.

More importantly, when Miami is compared to other American communities having a similar population, its combined crime rate (Both property and violent crimes taken together) is higher than the national average.
It was also discovered through the analysis that Miami’s rate of violent crime features as one of the country’s highest cutting across communities of varying sizes both small and large. When the crime data reported by FBI was analyzed by NeighborhoodScout, it was revealed that an individual’s possibility of becoming a prey to any of the violent crimes is 1 in 114.
Miami Public Records

The agency also discovered that there had been innumerable instances of property crime in the city of Miami. NeighborhoodScout tracked property crimes such as larceny of more than 50 dollars, burglary, arson, vehicle robbed while doing the analysis. A person’s chance of succumbing to an incident of property crime in Miami is 1 in 24. When translated, it comes to a rate of forty-two per 1,000 inhabitants.

Additionally, it was also illuminated that the city's incidents of motor vehicle robbery are one of the highest in the country when the crime data shared by FBI was further analyzed. It is in comparison to communities of varying sizes, ranging from the largest to the smallest. The fact is a person’s likelihood of getting his/her vehicle robbed in Miami is 1 in 227.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 30, 2021
Sensitive Information!