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What Is the Minnesota Invasion of Privacy Law?

Invasion of Privacy is a term used for violations of a person’s privacy. Below are the terms which qualify as an invasion of privacy in the USA.

  • Appropriation
  • Disclosing a person’s private facts
  • Intrusion upon shelter
  • Publicizing private information
  • Wrong light publicity

However, Invasion of Privacy claims is different in Minnesota.

Types of Invasion of Privacy claims in Minnesota

  • Intrusion of Privacy
  • Publicizing private facts
  • Appropriation
Invasion of Privacy Law Minnesota

The State of Minnesota does not accept a claim for false light publicity.

Below is the description of the invasion of privacy claims:

  • Intrusion upon Seclusion

This occurs when a person purposely intrudes privacy, physically or otherwise, upon loneliness or isolation of another person or regarding his private affairs or issues. This kind of interference is very highly offensive to a normal person.

  • Appropriation: As per the Minnesota Invasion of Privacy Law, appropriation is the term used to protect an individual’s identity. This occurs when a person appropriates to his or her advantage to the benefit of others.
  • Publication of Private Facts

Publication of Private Facts happens when a person publicizes matters related to the private life of another person. Further, the matter publicized is of a kind which is

  • highly offensive.
  • Is not of genuine concern to the public

Lesson for Employers

Invasion of privacy claim can lead to the employment context.

Intrusion upon seclusion happens when one purposely interferes, physically upon the privacy of his private affairs. The intrusion would be very highly offensive to a normal person. Appropriation is a process which shields an individual against actions by the person who appropriates to his own benefit.

When a person discloses another person’s private matters, it is called the publication of private facts. Moreover, false light publicity happens when a person gives publicity to a matter related to another that puts another person before the public in a false light.

The false light is highly offensive to a normal person.

The person had the knowledge, yet behaved in a reckless manner, disregarding to the fallacy of the publicized matter. Minnesota Law considers the right to privacy as a very important part of humanity. Minnesota joins hands with American jurisdictions which recognize these torts, by the Statute of the Common Law.

Minnesota Invasion of Privacy Law
The privacy torts can take place in the workplace. The misappropriation claim can happen when the employer uses photos or names of employees, mainly former employees. An employer may publicize private facts about an employee, by failing to maintain the confidentiality of medical records.

Publicly disclosing private facts is not right. Even if these claims are true, if they are not supposed to be disclosed, they should not be.

If the employer monitors or records telephone conversation, it will ensure appropriate dissemination of the policy. An employee’s consent is abiding by these policies, and they should not have any expectation of communication or data storage systems.

Workplace harassment investigation has given rise to privacy claims. An employee can approach a supervisor complaining about workplace conduct but request that the complaint will remain confidential. Similar terms apply for an employee accused of sexual harassment.

Background investigations and maintenance of personnel records generate invasion of privacy. Both areas involve employer access to and maintaining personal information about employee’s life outside work. Documentation type needs to be clearly defined. Access to files must be restricted.

Thus, this summarizes Minnesota Invasion of Privacy Law. This shows that the invasion of privacy is considered a serious crime in the state of Minnesota and can lead to serious consequences. Hence, be careful do not intrude people’s privacy in the State of Minnesota, USA.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!