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Judicial Records Missouri: How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of Missouri?

In the year 2016, the state of Missouri had recorded 519 violent crimes and 2799 cases with respect to property crimes per 100000 people. It is alarming that the violent crime rate in Missouri is 40 times more than the national median. The Judiciary of the state of Missouri, along with the Police Department is fighting the increase in crime rate by creating awareness in the citizens. One way of creating awareness is by requesting them to perform background checks and hire new employees or rent a property. To check whether a person is involved in a crime incident in the past, judicial records are the most informative documents.

Missouri Judicial Records
Missouri Judicial records

The Secretary of State John R Ashcroft and his team manages the Missouri Judicial records. These records are supreme information related to the history of the judicial system in Missouri and also book keep personal and professional information about individuals and families of Missouri.

The Judicial records are basically documents, audio, and video recordings, arrest warrants, arrest records, criminal records, and jail inmate records that contain coveted information about any individual’s involvement in small misdemeanors or big felonies. There is a Missouri Supreme Court Historical Database that provides the index to all civil and criminal cases heard within the territory of Missouri since the year 1861. For cases heard in Appellate court, county court and municipal court the online judicial records are available in the following websites

1. https://www.sos.mo.gov/archives/resources/county/croll- This page links one to the heritage collection of county judicial records in microfilm. If one is not able to find the respective judicial record in this link they can write to archref@sos.mo.gov. They can also call at (573)-751-3280 to inquire about any judicial record if they possess the first name, last name of the person involved and the city in which the case was registered.

2. https://s1.sos.mo.gov/Records/Archives/ArchivesDb/JudicialRecords/- this website links one to the state archives of the judicial records. The database can be searched by entering the last name and first name in order. One can also search for years and they have to type the last four digits of the year. There is also a search by cause/action/ subject drop-down box where the nature of the crime has to be specified. One can also search by the city. At any point, the data can be cleared using the Reset option. There is also a search by keyword option in this database search engine

Missouri judicial index database

To help the citizen of the state to access judicial records easily under the Missouri Sunshine law enacted in 1973, the secretary of state maintains a judicial index database that holds all the civil criminal and probate court case indexes and abstracts. These databases can be accessed by any general public. The database maintenance is an ongoing project and the data are entered periodically. For more information on the database, one can reach the secretary of state at

600 Western Main Street

Jefferson City


Email: info@sos.mo.gov

Website: https://www.sos.mo.gov

Judicial Records Missouri
Criminal and Jail Inmate Records

Most of the jail inmate records and criminal records are also maintained by the Department of Corrections Missouri state. They maintain a separate database that will store the following information about a criminal

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Inmate identification number
  • Address
  • City where the crime was performed
  • Mugshot
  • Number of years jailed
  • Parole details

In Missouri, judicial records are allowed for access by the public under the freedom of Information act. The law states that these records are open to the public for their perusal and self-awareness. However, there are few exemptions where the records belong to high profile cases. In such cases, special permission is required for the public to access this information. Also, one is prohibited from sharing this private information without the consent of the concerned.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!