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Monroeville Alabama Crime Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

Located between Mobile and Montgomery, Monroeville is a small city which goes by the name “Literary Capital of Alabama.” The reason why this city got this title was due to its former residents, Truman Capote, Harper Lee, Mark Childress, and Cynthia Tucker. The city gets the name from President James Monroe.

It continues to be popular among tourists, as people from all over the world visit the city. Despite the movement of the textile industry, timber and agriculture have a considerable role to play in the economy. Of late, the healthcare industry is gaining importance, due to its impact on the economy.

Crime Statistics

Looking at the crime statistics, the rate of crime has been going down for the last ten years. Due to the decline in crime rate, it is lower in 2018, than it was in 2016. There were 45 violent crimes and 318 property crimes in the city. Due to this, the crime rate for every 1,000 residents is 59.78, making it safer than only 3% of the American cities. Looking at all the communities in the United States, the crime rate in Monroeville is quite high.

Monroeville Public Records

In 2016, there were two rapes, 41 assaults, one robbery, and one murder (falling under violent crimes category). Taking a closer look, the chances of becoming a victim to violent crimes is 1 in 135.

Similarly, there were 44 burglaries, 259 thefts, and 15 auto thefts in the city, all of which are property crimes. If you were to extrapolate the property crime data, there is a 1 in 19 chance of becoming a victim. In 2016, the rate of violent and property crime was considerably higher than the state and national average.



As per the latest statistics, 32 registered sex offenders are residing within the boundaries of the city. If you were to expand this data, you would find that there are 195 residents for every sex offender.

Population Information

The estimated population of Monroeville is 5,927, which comes from the latest estimates of the country. Out of all the cities in Alabama, Monroeville is the 95th largest in the state. Moving to the diversity of the population, 61.7% of the residents are African American or Black, while 37.6% are white. The remaining percentage consists of Alaska Native and American Indian.

The median age of the city is 40.1, whereas it is 29.8 for males and 43.8 for females. In the married and non-family category of the population who occupy households, 95.6% and 29.3% of them are property owners.

Monroeville Arrest Records

From the education perspective, 40.02% of the population have completed high school. 9.44%, 9.67%, and 3.87% are an associate degree, bachelors degree, and graduate degree holders. Taking a look at the economy, the median household income is $27,433. 11.7% of the employed individuals are in administrative jobs, 12.7% are in sales, and 9.5% are in management roles. 9.2% f the population are firefighting and law enforcement supervisors, 8.6% are in cleaning and maintenance, while 8.2% are in education, training, and library. The median value of property witnessed an 8.96% growth, taking it all the way to $105,800.  The poverty rate in Monroeville Alabama stands at 37.7%.

There are 474 veterans living in Monroeville, out of which 46 served in Vietnam, 60 in World War II, 67 in Korea, 108 in the First Gulf War and 136 in the Second Gulf War. The unemployment rate in the city stands at 26.1%, while the employment rate is 36.2%. The poverty rate among veterans is 8.81%, while the disability rate is 19.16%.

Almost the entire population (99.76%) speak English, which is an interesting statistic. The number of employers in the city has declined by 2.77%, to reach 1,719.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 25, 2019
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