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How to Find Bankruptcy Records in New Jersey?

Bankruptcy records are accessible to the general public. Through this, you can check the history of filed bankruptcy cases in New Jersey. There is no need to visit the court in New Jersey to know if bankruptcy has filed by someone, it can be checked on certain government official websites with minimum charges.

Bankruptcy in New Jersey

You have to create an account on the government website to check if someone has filed for bankruptcy in new jersey. Fill your details with your name, email id, and address on at the time of registration.

You can view the bankruptcy records in new jersey and get the papers printed for $0.10 for a page. You will be charged only for thirty pages, even if the document pages go more than thirty. Pacer account bills will be sent to you through email once in three months if it is more than $10.

You can also make payment through credit card or link the credit card details in the payment option so the pacer will bill automatically for every quarter. If the bankruptcy documents are not available, the transaction will be canceled immediately with a refund. If the status shows awaiting discharge, the case will be monitored, and if it is found void, then the refund will be processed in 7 working days.

State Records New Jersey
PACER to View Bankruptcy records

A simple internet search can show you multiple websites through which the bankruptcy records can be viewed.

The detailed Bankruptcy records will be available on the system called PACER ((Public Access to Court Electronic Records). All the filed court cases will be posted on the PACER system to make the general public view the records quickly and easily from wherever they are without visiting the court.

After registering with PACER, you can just log in and view Bankruptcy records whenever required. You have to click on the "Find a Case" tab on the right top corner of the page. You can find a list of federal courts with clickable link option. It will be in Alphabetical order for the users to search for the court in any state easily.

To view New Jersey records, scroll down, and select New Jersey, this will direct the page to New Jersey's ECF. After the welcome page opens, select "Query" on the top of the page to start the search. Sometimes filings could have been done with misspellings, so try to provide as much as details you can (Social security number, First and Last Names) to get the accurate result. If there are multiple cases filed, the site will show you more than a result, or it will directly take you to the record if only one case has filed.

Public Records New Jersey
If you do not find a person's name from the search results, then either no bankruptcy cases have filed in the city or filed cases outside the city. In such instances, select the option "Docket Report" which will show the list of entire Bankruptcy records linked to the file with a charge of $0.10 for a page.

These records are available in PDF form, which makes it easier for you to save or print them. In case the documents are not available on these two options then you can write an email to any of the below email ids
  • newark_copy@njb.uscourts.gov
  • camden_copy@njb.uscourts.gov
  • trenton_copy@njb.uscourts.gov

and request for the scanned document from the court record for less than 25 pages.


Also, you can get someone's bankruptcy record by submitting a request letter in the clerical office of the courthouse in the state.

Following are the bankruptcy courts in New Jersey:

Trenton, Newark, and Camden.

General bankruptcy records are retained for 15 years by the courts. Currently, most of the bankruptcy cases which belongs to the year 1970 to 1995 have been destroyed.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
Sensitive Information!