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New York Public Records: Public Records Information for State of New York!

The first public records law in New York was passed in 1974, and replaced by a more up-to-date version in 1977. The Freedom of Information Law (FOIA) in New York guarantees that the state’s residents have access to public records of governmental bodies. Requests for New York public records usually do not require any statement of purpose, and if a request is denied, a lawsuit may be filed against the authority that denied access to its records.

Certified copies of birth records, death records, marriage records, and divorce records (all vital records) can all be obtained at the New York State Department of Health. To receive a copy of any vital records, you will need to fill out a request form, and provide it to the health department. Requests can be made in person, online, by regular mail, or by phone.

You can also request disclosure of criminal records from the New York State Division of criminal justice services.

New York public records

New York – Laws and Vital Information

The New York state constitutions is different than other state constitutions due to the fact that the provisions in this document are more detailed and also get amended more times that their federal counterparts.

Out of the constitution, the New York law was formed, and it consists of statutory levels, case laws, and regulatory laws, as well as regulations, ordinances, and local laws.

Fees for Public Records in New York

Fees for vital records in New York are as follows:

  • $30.00 per copy for birth, marriage, death and divorce records (without priority handling). Requests will be handled in 10-12 weeks.
  • $45.00 per copy for birth, marriage, death and divorce records -  priority handling. Cash is not accepted. Requests will be handled in 2-4 weeks.

Criminal history records in the state of New York cost $62.00.

What are Free Background Checks and How Do They Work

Instead of using New York’s vital records offices, or the state’s criminal justice division, to find public records, you can use free background check sites that provide reports about New York residents.

When using free background check websites, you will need to provide the first name and the last name of the person you are searching for. However, these kinds of sites do not provide all the public records information because they lack the means to do so. No charging fees on free background check sites means no financial means to access all New York public records.

The lack of funds also means that if you use free public records sites, your information will not be safe. Free background check sites are also unable to provide their users with customer service support, and that is why it is important to use a professional background check lookup site.

In case you are searching for free background check sites, it is also likely that you will come across websites that only advertise themselves as free of charge. In reality, when you log in to a “free” background check site, you will either be required to pay immediately, or after you receive a few basic details about the person of your interest.

new york public records

Finding Public Records by Running a Background Check with a Legitimate Service

The best way to run an accurate New York background check is to use a legitimate site that has access to all New York public records. GoLookUp provides such professional services for residents of the state, as well as residents from other states.

If you need to conduct a background check on a person, you can use GoLookUp’s reverse phone number search service/name based true people search service/reverse email lookup/reverse address search service.

All these queries are based on official public records that GoLookUp scans whenever you perform a search on US residents. To provide you with the best background check service, the site delivers results within minutes if your query. When you use any of GoLookUp’s services, you can also be certain that your search history and information will not be passed onto other people, thanks to the site’s protection software.

All the public records information gathered by GoLookUp is gathered into a report that includes a great deal of data, such as sexual offenses, criminal records, marriage records, birth records, social media information, educational background, arrest records, convictions, mugshots, and much more.

If you have any questions on GoLookUp’s services, you can always call or email the customer support system that is available to you at all hours of day and night, seven days a week.

For a quick, accurate, and reliable New York background check service, use GoLookUp’s public records services that allow you to get information about any residents of the big apple, with no waiting, and no additional fees for every search you perform.

Did you know? 

You can search for Unclaimed Money in the State of New York

You can find criminal records forin the State of New York!

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 1, 2021
Sensitive Information!