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Child Abuse Laws in New York: These are Child Abuse laws for the State of New York

The child abuse laws of the state of New York fall within the ambit of the Penal Code, just like the other U.S. states. Child abuse has been extensively defined to include any types of cruelty that are inflicted on to a child. These abuses include physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and assault including sexual exploitation, and child neglect. Physical child abuse charges also often include chargers for child battery and assault.

The child abuse laws of the state of New York also contain sections that provide that certain adults who have access to children regularly or who work in close proximity to children daily such as doctors and teachers must report any signs of child abuse immediately to the concerned New York state authorities.

What are the agencies who handle cases of child abuse investigations and allegations in the state of New York?

The New York State Office of Children and Family Services department is required to conduct investigations into any child abuse reports and mistreatment reports. It is their job to protect children under the age of 18 years from being subjected to further forms of abuse or mistreatment, and also to provide various forms of rehabilitative services to the children, their parents, and all other family members who are involved in the child abuse/mistreatment case.

New York Child Abuse Laws

Who is considered to mandatorily report a case of child abuse to the New York state authorities?

The following groups of people are required to mandatorily report any child abuse case to the appropriate authorities:

  • Those working in the medical sector and all hospital personnel;
  • All school officials or any person working in the school/education sector;
  • Those working in the social service sector;
  • Those working in the childcare sector;
  • Those working and/or volunteering in the residential care sector;
  • Those working in the law enforcement sector.

Below is a brief but informative overview of the child abuse laws in the state of New York, including mandatory reporting requirements, as well as the punishments and penalties for the failure to report child abuse cases -  

What Constitutes as child abuse in the state of New York?

In the state of New York, child abuse includes all forms of injury to a child, not including accidental injury –

  • That causes the death, or disfigurement, or impairment of the child’s emotional, mental, and/or physical health;
  • Any deliberate indifference to the child that causes such injury;
  • Creating any substantial risk of the above-mentioned injuries;
  • All forms of sexual abuse, and permitting any kind of sexual/criminal behavior.
New York Child Abuse Law

Who is required to mandatorily report child abuse cases in the state of New York?

Mandatory reporting of child abuse is required by the following people –

  • Physicians,
  • coroners,
  • dentists,
  • chiropractors,
  • psychologists,
  • nurses,
  • school officials,
  • hospital personnel,
  • social services workers,
  • daycare center workers,
  • mental health professionals,
  • Christian Science practitioners,
  • substance abuse/alcoholism counselors,
  • peace officers,
  • police officers,
  • district attorneys,
  • residential care facility workers,
  • foster care workers,
  • optometrists,
  • podiatrists,
  • EMTs;
  • any other person who can report.

Cases of child abuse must be reported to:

The state-wide central register of child abuse, or

The local child protective services.

It is important to know the laws related to child abuse as well as what exactly constitutes child abuse. Since a lot of children cannot speak for themselves and may not even be aware that they are being abused, it is up to each to report the abuse when they see it happening.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 19, 2020
Sensitive Information!