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Child Abuse Laws in North Dakota: These are Child Abuse laws for State of North Dakota

Child abuse is regarded as an act of crime where an adult puts the welfare and health of a minor at risk. Such an offending adult is quite often a close family member. The crime can be action like sexual or physical abuse or neglecting them by inaction. Most of the state laws require that kids are staying in unsafe home environments are placed into secured and protective custody.

Child neglect, on the other hand, is a failure to offer the necessary protection and care to a child and linked to issues with insufficient supervision, environment, abandonment, hygiene/clothing, nutrition, failure to protect, educational neglect, medical neglect, prenatal exposure to controlled substances or alcohol, or and being environmentally exposed to controlled substance

Also “mandatory reporting” laws in the state need specific persons with regular or/and close access to kids to report their credible feeling of a child being abused to the relevant authorities.

North Dakota - Child Abuse Laws

All American states regard child abuse as a serious offense including the state of North Dakota. Any person who is nearby or has regular access to kids should report incidents of child abuse they come across to the relevant authorities. The state’s Department of Human Services has its offices at different parts of North Dakota and conducts investigations on reports of abuse. The topic will be covered in detail in a later section.

North Dakota Child Abuse Laws

North Dakota - Reasons for putting kids in protective custody

 When a physician has examined a kid who is suspected of being a victim of neglect or abuse, made sincere attempts to guide the child’s guardian, parents, or any other individual responsible for the child’s care but has valid reasons to believe that the child is still being neglected or abused, can keep the child in a medical facility or a hospital’s custody for up to 96 hours and should inform the juvenile court immediately, as well as the department. It is to ensure that protective proceedings for the child can be initiated.

North Dakota – mandatory reporting

Any professional who has reasonable cause or knowledge to feel that a kid is being neglected or abused or has passed away due to neglect or abuse has to report the incident. The list of such professionals is mentioned below:

  • Mental health professional
  • A medical examiner, optometrist, coroner, dentist, nurse, physician, or other medical professional
  • Social worker
  • School administrator, or teacher, addiction counselor, school counselor
  • A religious practitioner of healing arts
  • Member of clergy
  • A law enforcement officer or police
  • Any individual having sufficient reasons to believe that a kid has expired due to neglect or abuse or being neglected or abused
  • Child care worker or day care center
North Dakota Child Abuse Law

North Dakota – Procedure to report child neglect and abuse

A person can get in touch with authorities like the North Dakota Child Protection Program, Children and Family Services, or the North Dakota Department of Human Services to report an incident related to child abuse or neglect.

Mandatory reporters or any other individual who wishes to report a case of suspected child neglect or abuse should get in touch with the County Social Service Offices where the affected kid is residing. These offices function as the designee for N.D. Department of Human Service and offer services related to child protection. The report can be made in writing or verbally.

North Dakota – False reporting or failure to report
The act is regarded as a misdemeanor of Class B unless the concerned law enforcement officers make it a Class A Misdemeanor. A person reporting falsely is responsible for civil damages.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 29, 2021
Sensitive Information!