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Oklahoma Vital Records: This Is How You Can Find Oklahoma Vital Records for Free

Vital Records mainly consist of birth, death, marriage, divorce and death records available on registers, certificates, and documents. Vital records can be obtained from the Oklahoma Vital Records office or any county courthouse. To protect the privacy of living persons, there are certain restrictions which are imposed on modern records. To request a vital record for the state of Oklahoma visit Oklahoma Center for health statistic and then submit a standard search application form along with the following:

  • Check or money order is required for the search fee and the amount varies.
  • Full name and the gender of the person.
  • Full name of the applicant's parent.
  • Date and place of the event.
  • Relationship to the person associated.
  • Reason for your request.
  • A photocopy of the complete original record.
Public Records

Birth Records

The earliest birth record on file in Oklahoma is around 1865, most birth records were not filed until 1950 after the Social security act was implemented during world war 2. Some counties stored birth records from as early as 1891, although most counties started keeping officially after 1907. The early records some of which are misplaced and the rest are kept at the county courthouses. Contact details for county courts can be found on individual county pages. You can find Free vital Records in Oklahoma from their official website at Oklahoma State Department of Health.

One can also visit their Vital Records Office situated at 1000 Northeast 10th Street, Room 111, Oklahoma City, OK 73117. Applications can be mailed to that address and wait times are generally Copies of birth records are restricted to the following:

  • Individual
  • Next of Kin
  • A legal authority.

A certified birth certificate is required for travel purposes, passport, citizenship proof, social security identification, state driver's license, school registration purposes, personal id, and many other official purposes. Birth certificates and other Oklahoma Vital Records are available from the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Marriage Records

To obtain a copy of the marriage license or copy of a decree of dissolution of marriage one needs to visit the Court Clerk's Office. Oklahoma Historical Society has indexed all the marriage records and Other Oklahoma Vital Records for free between 1889-1951 which includes brides and grooms who had applied for marriage records in the county and is available in on the searchable database for free. Each record contains various information as marriage records changed over the years. All 175 volumes of Marriage records have been indexed by the Oklahoma center for health statistics and vital records.

Marriage record mainly consists of three parts:

  • The affidavit is the application of the marriage license.
  • The marriage license
  • The Certificate of Marriage

Public Records Oklahoma

Most records have the details of the name of the bride and groom, the date and the place where the event took place.

Marriage records are exclusively maintained by the clerk of the court where the license was issued. Statewide recording of birth and death record started around October 1908, though many counties didn't officially start recording then and it took almost a decade to legalize this all over the state. Around 1917, registrations were made compulsory for all Oklahoma Vital Records.

Death Records

Before 1908, no death was recorded in the state of Oklahoma. Death records existed in the form of cemetery burial, tax record, newspapers, and obituaries and you can find those records at Family Search records.

After 1908, death records were mandated by the state and the copies were stored and kept with the state of Oklahoma's vital records office. After 1928. the information that is contained in the death certificate usually contains the name, age birth date and the county of birth. Information given on the death record is given by an informant and the accuracy of the information depends on the informant.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 28, 2022
Sensitive Information!