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How to Find out Someone’s Work History in OklahomaNowadays, every employer needs your work history. Without furnishing your work experience or history, it’s difficult for employers to proceed further. Most of the states in the U.S have stern laws and regulations when it comes to employment background checks. It is mandatory for every employer in Oklahoma to conduct an employment background check.

It is basically a process laid by the Federal FCRA to safeguard all the employers, employees and potential candidates from any type of fraudulent activity or criminal background. As per the set of guidelines designed by the FCRA, the process is created to maintain privacy, accuracy, and fairness while revealing consumer information. Every employer has to conduct the background screening process under the laid procedures.
Nowadays, it is very easy to find out someone’s work history in any state of the U.S. There are multiple ways to get a detailed report.

Hire a reputed background screening agency
The first method is to hire any background screening agency which follows the state laws and regulations. The background screening agencies can help you with the detailed consumer report including all his previous employers, criminal background, etc. within 3 to 5 days.

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Verify with the help of a resume

The second method is to obtain the resume of a candidate in order to proceed with the verification process. A resume gives you some potential details about a candidate including his Social Security Number, contact details, previous employer’s name, etc. With this information, you can easily proceed further. You can go to any of the social media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook to verify the details mentioned in the resume. Moreover, you can also contact any of his previous employers to verify the details related to his performance, tenure, and reason for leaving the company.

Take the help of a credible research site

The third method is to take the help of any credible research site such as People Finders US etc. The site will give you potential and accurate information about any candidate. All you need to do is to put the Social Security Number in order to get instant access to the data of a particular person. The sites of this nature often charge some fee, thus, it is important to check the fees before taking the plunge.
Get help from the State Unemployment Office

The fourth way is to check with the State Unemployment Office. The office often releases the employment histories of people till the time they worked for in-state employers. The best part of this process is that it doesn’t charge you a single penny.

Ask for Tax Returns

The fifth method is to check Tax Returns. It is not only good for employers but for employees also. In case, you have lost your documents, then you can easily furnish your employment history through your tax returns. You just need to have copies of W2 forms with which one can easily get the employment history and tenure without beating around the bush. It can be obtained online as well. It is one of the quickest ways to get employment history with 100% accuracy.

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Due to the rising number of fraudulent activities and fake employment claims made by candidates, the background screening process has become very important in most of the U.S states. However, it needs to be done in accordance with state laws and regulations. Along with that, EEOC also needs to be taken into consideration in order to check the criminal background of a candidate.

Every employer has to review every applicant on criminal grounds. If any candidate is found to have a criminal record, then he needs to be disqualified immediately. The motive of the employment background check laws in Oklahoma or in any other U.S state is to safeguard employers and employees from fraudulent claims or activities.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!