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Oregon Crime and Arrest Statistics 

Oregon is supposed to be quite safe in comparison to other states in America. Oregon residents are 34% less prone to violent crimes than the average American, going by the latest crime report. If we take individual towns into consideration like Beaverton or Sherwood, that number rises to 70% and 85% respectively.

A study published in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization speculated that legalizing cannabis might be a contributing factor to the state’s peaceful disposition. Crime data obtained from Oregon and Washington in 2013 and 2014 helped researchers identify a correlation between marijuana and a significant drop in rapes and property crimes. Perhaps the reallocation of law enforcement resources from marijuana-related crimes to focus on more violence-inducing substance had a role to play.

However, despite Oregon’s cannabis legalization, property crimes have continued to remain high – some 22% higher than the national average. Rural regions are most at risk, such as the western parts of Lane County. Great distances and sparse populations mean deputies take a long time to reach the location after a call has been made. Property crime rates are difficult to track as it is.

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Oregon Most Dangerous Cities

  1. Seaside – Seaside is the city with the most violent crimes committed in Oregon. It ranks fifth for property crime. With a total population of 6,726 people, the number of violent crimes committed here is 1,055 for every 100k people. The rate of property crime is 5,263 per 100k people.
  2. Portland – The city of Portland has an overall population of 649,408 people. It is one of the most dangerous cities in the state of Oregon. Citizens here stand a chance of 1:193 of being subject to murder, rape or assault, as per data assessed in 2017. They also run a risk of being 1 in 17.6 people to have to suffer from theft or arson. 515 violent crimes are committed per 100k population and 5,677 property crimes measured against the same yardstick.
  3. Medford – Medford i.e. located in the southwestern part of Oregon is the 3rd most dangerous city in the state. It has witnessed a steady climb in both property and violent crimes. 2017 saw estimates of 1 in 220 people risking the chance of being victim to violence. The city holds a population of 82,792 people and records 454 violent crimes committed per year and about 5,981 property crimes for the same measure.

Oregon Safest cities

  1. Sherwood – Sherwood houses a population of 19,486. The rate of violent crime here is 0.67 and the same for property crime is 11.29. So the total count for violent crime is 5.91% and the rest is all property crime.
  2. Sandy – Sandy houses a population of 10,855. 0.74 violent crimes are committed per thousand people. 17.5 property crimes are committed for the same amount of people. The violent crime rate here is 4.21% and the property crime rate is 95.79%.
  3. Lake Oswego – Lake Oswego with a population of 38,860 has a total crime rate of 6.95% violent crime and 93.05% property crime. Some 0.8 violent crimes and 11.48 property crimes are committed per 100k people here.
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Oregon is a more or less safe state to stay in. Research has tied its low violent-crime rate to cannabis legalization and subsequent reallocation of law enforcement to graver matters. Violent crimes are a rarity here. Property crimes though have never steeped as high before. Other dangerous cities of Oregon are – Albany, Bend, Silverton, Canby, Corvallis, the Dalles. If you’re looking to relocate houses/office, choose Oregano without a doubt and you will feel rewarded!

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 25, 2019
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