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Palm Springs California: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

A medium-sized city, Palm Spring is situated in the American state of California. It has 16 constituent neighborhoods and a population of approximately 47,689 residents. It is also California’s 189th largest community.

Palm Springs California City Overview

The costs of housing in the city are among the costliest in the United States of America although the prices of the real estate here cannot compete with the property prices of California’s most expensive communities.

However, Palm Springs is undoubtedly a white-collar city as about 87.85 percent of its workforce is engaged in white-collar jobs, which is more than the country’s average.

In all, it is a city of professional, office and sales workers, and service providers. You will find many people residing in this city who are employed in management occupations (12.67 percent), admin and office support (9.68 percent), and sales jobs (12.79 percent).

Palm Springs Public Records

The city of Palm Springs has a lot of people working in the media, designers, and artist, which more than 90 percent of the other American communities. Such a concentration of professionals is useful in shaping the character of Palm Springs.

There are a sizeable percentage of telecommuters in the city’s workforce with around 13.40 percentages of its residents working from their homes. All these works frequently telecommute and are associated with white-collar and knowledge-based professions. While most of Palm Springs commuting trips are done using private Although the majority of commuting trips in the city are by private automobile, Palm Springs, a substantial number of people who use public transportation.


Palm Springs has a well-educated population as compared to a majority of towns and cities in the country. On average, about 21.84 percent of the adult population of the community holds a four-year degree or even higher qualification. Around 35.32 percent of Palm Springs’ adult population has a bachelor’s or advanced degree.

Palm Springs California Crime Statistics

Palm Springs has a crime index of 2, which signifies that the city is only 2 percent safer as compared to the other cities in the United States. The city’s crime rate stands at sixty-four per 1,000 inhabitants. Palm Springs’ crime rate is among the highest in the American communities of varying sizes. A person’s possibility of falling prey to either a property or a violent crime in the city is 1 in 16. With respect to the state, Palm Spring has a higher crime rate as compared to 98 percent of California’s communities.

Palm Springs Court Records

Palm Springs has a population of about 47,689. Its combined property and the violent crime rate is higher as compared to places having a similar population size. There are few other communities with a similar size where the crime rate is as much as in Palm Springs.

It was also observed that Palm Spring’s violent crime rate features amongst the highest in the country irrespective of the size of the communities both small and large. The violent crimes that were mainly examined were murder, rape, aggravated assault, armed robbery, and manslaughter. According to the analysis done by NeighborhoodScout based on the crime data reported by the FBI, a person’s possibility of becoming a victim of one such crime in the city is 1 in 173.

Also, it was observed by NeighborhoodScout that the city has been experiencing plenty of property crimes in recent years. The analysis tracked property crimes in the category of larceny more than 50 dollars, burglary, arson, and motor vehicle robbery. In fact, the analysis also pointed out that a person’s risk of falling prey to any kind of property crime listed above is 1 in 17. It is equivalent to a rate of fifty-eight per 1,000 inhabitants.

Palm Springs Public Records

Palm Springs Public Records

In 1968, the California Legislature enacted the California Public Records Act (CPRA) under Government Code (GC) sections 6250-6270. According to the act, any resident of the state can search for public records in California, including Palm Springs public records. The types of public records available by the state of California are:

  • Arrest logs
  • Daily activity logs
  • Statistics
  • Calls for service logs
  • 9-1-1 and telephone recordings
  • Traffic Citations
  • Registrant files (Megan's Law)
  • Warrant information
  • Juvenile Records
  • Local summary criminal history information for an individual.
  • Crime reports
  • Accident reports

To request Palm Springs public records, you need to contact the Palm Springs Police Department Records and Identification Division at 760-323-8116.

You can also search for Palm Springs public records with GoLookUp's public records search directory. To perform queries on the website, you need to provide the first name and last name of the Palm Springs resident you want to know more about. Afterward, the quick search engine on the website will gather data from public records to compile a report about the person you are searching. Once the search is complete, you will get information about the person you searched for, including their full name, marriage records, birth records, criminal records, arrest records, aliases and much more.


Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 25, 2019
Sensitive Information!