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Pembroke Pines Police Departments Information

Pembroke Pines is the 11th most populous city in Florida, United States. Based on the neighborhoodscout.com's data, Pembroke pines is safer than 25 percent of the United State's cities. The Pembroke Pine’s police department provides 24/7 emergency services. The Pembroke Pines Police department is open from 7 a.m to 6 p.m every Monday through Thursday.

The Pembroke Pines Police Department is active on social media. We will share their social media profile handles and website addresses along with all the relevant information about the department.

Pembroke Pines Social Media Profiles:

  • Facebook Profile: @PembrokePinesPolice


  • Twitter Handle: @PPinesPD


  • Instagram Handle: @PPinesPD


Pembroke Pines Police Departments
Pembroke Pines Police Department Address:

The Pembroke Pines Police Department’s east headquarters is located at 9500 Pines Blvd. Pembroke Pines, FL 33024.

The west substations are located at 18400 Johnson Street.

Pembroke Pines Police Department Email:

You can reach the Pembroke Pines Police chief at kshimpeno@ppines.com

Pembroke Pines Police Department Contact Number:

For more information about the department contact: 954-431-2200

Contact the administrative Department at 954-436-3200

Pembroke Pines Official Website:

Furthermore, you can find more details about the City of Pembroke Pines Police Department at the following web page.


Enter the above address in the address bar of your web browser and hit enter.

You will find a list of resources on this following web address:


The resources are:

Burglary Prevention:

They have taken the initiative to create and distribute Burglary Prevention Brochures, which spreads awareness about it. The community affairs unit working with the neighborhood watch has proven to be an effective burglary preventive measure. The brochure is made of tips to prevent burglary.

Code Red: It notifies the citizens about evacuations during fires, power outages, water line breaks, or other emergencies. The citizens are contacted via email, text messages, or phone.

Crime Stoppers Reward: Citizens can provide tips at https://browardcrimestoppers.org/ to earn the crime stoppers reward. If a citizen wishes to remain anonymous, he/she can submit their tips on http://communitycrimemap.com/ or https://www.crimereports.com/.

City of Pembroke Pines Police Department

Identity Theft Prevention: 

They have provided some tips to avoid being a victim of identity theft.

  • Don't leave your wallet or purse unattended.
  • Make use of a shredder to dispose of a document with personal information.
  • Use a secure wifi connection while accessing your bank accounts online.
  • Also, monitor your credit it will help you determine if there are fraudulent accounts opened under your name.

Sexual Predators: They have provided you with a list of sexual predators in your area. https://www.floridaoffenderalert.com/

You can avail the free email alert service that will notify you in case a sexual offender moves close to an address in your area.

Reporting Suspicious Activity: 

What qualifies as a suspicious activity? Read the following.

  • A person has been parked in the parking lot for a long time and hasn't exited it.
  • A vehicle is moving around in a parking lot, changing parking places but not leaving the parking lot.
  • A person is walking around in the parking lot in between the vehicles and peering inside.
  • A person is just leaning against a vehicle for a long time but not entering it.

Other resources include providing information about missing persons and what to do if one is spotted, you can contact 954-431-2200 if you locate a missing person. There's a false alarm reduction program, fingerprinting services, police flyer/BOLOS, school resource officer, red-light camera program, law enforcement grants and move over law.

Moreover, you can find more about the Pembroke Pines Emergency Management office at https://www.ppines.com/1328/Office-of-Emergency-Management,

To find out more about the resources you can visit the community information link provide above.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 1, 2022
Sensitive Information!