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How to Find Out Someone's Work History in PennsylvaniaIt is a well-known fact that employers conduct background screening of prospective hires. The reason – finding the right person for the job. Let us look at how it is possible to find out someone’s work history in Pennsylvania.


Hiring a company that provides background checks on employees and prospective employees is essential. They investigate the individual’s work history and criminal background if any. If an employer has certain criteria with regard to his employee - investigating the person’s education, employment history, maybe credit history, civil records (unsealed), may be an option.
FCRA Guidelines must be Adhered To

In the state of Pennsylvania, employers can authenticate the credibility of prospective candidates, but certain guidelines have to be followed. There are protections awarded to employees through the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) that provides certain standards for the screening of candidates before and after joining a firm. 

Pennsylvania Work History Records

Certain checks cannot be looked into after seven years – like civil suits, arrest records, and anything negative about the individual after the seven-year time frame. This may leave limited scope for a prospective or current employer to dig into if s/he needs to conduct a background screen. There is a caveat provided however for an employer to conduct a check within the company for a current employee.

Background Checker

Finding the right person for the job is not an open and shut case. An employer has to do what an employer has to do. If for instance a prospect is looking for a job as a chauffeur and has a DUI record attached to his name, naturally his candidacy can raise some red flags. An employer can most certainly have a look at a person’s driving record to determine if s/he is the right fit for the job from a reliable background checking agency.
Financial Score

An individual’s credit history is not up for grabs or a general possibility based on the law of the land. However, when an individual seeks employment for the post of a financial professional, s/he must have a good credit score or disclose mishaps in the past. It will stand the person in great stead with a firm that will not have to resort to pre-employment screening or dig deeper!

Work History Records Pennsylvania

Checks and Balances

Sourcing out the right talent is a long drawn out process relevant. The truth of the matter is that employers have valid concerns to conduct criminal background checks on employees and prospects. Verification agencies may be able to get the job done, but if the law states that it is not permissible, creating an in-house policy that is in tune with the law in the state of Pennsylvania should not be a problem. At the end of the day, firms have to determine if they are ready to employ ex-cons.

Giving a person a chance is not the issue. But when someone hides something which is extremely sinister, it can set off alarm bells. That said, candidates seeking employment may want to keep their past hidden so that they are not judged because of their past. The fact is clear, employers have a right to check out the credibility of a candidate and her/his work history before issuing an offer letter.

At the End of the Checker

Negative information about a prospect can cause serious damage to the person – financially and emotionally. Some people get a bad rap because of the negative press. While it can raise eyebrows as to the individual’s ability to handle a portfolio, it also determines if the person has the wherewithal to actually take on the job. It is, therefore, necessary to check a person’s work history through various vetting agencies. A promising candidate is someone who does not shy away from providing authentic information.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!