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If you want to find people you have come to the right place; with so many people online and so many human interactions, we can never be too sure who is right there in front of us. We meet people every day; We meet people at our jobs, or work, we meet people at school. We go on online dates, trying to find the perfect match or the one to live our lives with. But we really never truly know who is in front of us. So, how can we find out who is right there, who is that new person, or this new group of people we had just met?

People go through a lot in their lives, and though they may try to hide bad things about their past, there are now ways to find out anything about anyone, in just a matter of minutes. You can find out a person’s past and every piece of public record associated with any person in the United States. The People Finder tool with GoLookUp public records service lets you search for anyone in the United States.

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You can use our people finders tool to find a person: what is people finder? it is a service that allows you to search for accurate data about people by using one piece of information about them: an email address, previous and current addresses, phone numbers - including their previous phone numbers and current phone numbers. Our people finders tool lets you find contact information and criminal records, arrest records, court records, unclaimed money records, marriage, and divorce records, and run a complete background check. 

Not only that, once you run a search and unlock your account. GoLookUp lets you perform unlimited people finder records! You can use the account to share with your family and run as many background check searches, people searches and find people online in just a click of a button. So, if you were wondering what is people finder, there is your answer! It is a quick tool that allows you to run background checks on people, and discover the truth about them. 

Run a background check on anyone in the United States, by simply entering their first and last name! 

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If that's not enough, you can also perform unlimited reverse phone and phone number searches! GoLookUp will let you know who is behind that spammy calls you have been getting. You can also find out who your partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend has been texting. We know, its a lot of information. GoLookUp lets you tap into hundreds of millions of public information records.


How do we do it? We aggregate public people information and compile it into one easy to read the report. You can download this report into a pdf or simply email it to you or your family member.

Run an arrest records' search in the United States in just Minutes! 

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Run a United States unclaimed money search and find out if you are owed Unclaimed Money! 

What is People Finder

If you are worried about your neighborhood crime statistics, you can find out what sex offenders live in your neighborhood by simply running a sex offender search with GoLookUp. Our system will reveal every sex offender and criminal living in your area, their mugshot and the crime they have committed. We know, it is cool and we love to help our customers keep themselves and their family safe!

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Creating an account takes just a few minutes and you can cancel your account at any time by simply calling our customer service which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

GoLookUp has been around for years and has been providing people finding tools such as background checks, people searches, reverse phone searches, and other services! Start now and find all the information you would like about anyone!

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 24, 2019
Sensitive Information!