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Where to Find Information about Someone Online

The need to find information about someone is a fairly common phenomenon. You may be set up on a blind date, just got a new coworker, or someone just moved into the apartment next door to you, it is only natural that you want to find out a bit more about them, where they came from, if they are married, and if they are safe to be around. In fact, about one in three Americans have a criminal record so it is important to be cautious and wary of everyone around you and your family. 

Where to Find Information about Someone Online

 What Information is Available Online About Someone?

The information that exists about an individual on the internet depends somewhat on how open that individual is with their information. Some people are very protective of their privacy and never publicly list their birthdate, family members or any other personal information online. This is some of the information that is available using a google search or a social media search. 

There is also information that other people put online about an individual, this can be anything from a Facebook post to a news article. If the person you are looking for information about did something criminal or overly public, there is a chance that it was written about by someone else and is searchable on google.

There are also public records that are available online for anyone who knows how to access it. This information is available because of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The act requires government agencies to maintain and make available certain records to the public. While the information is technically public, states have different degrees of accessibility to these records.

What Information is Available Online about People
For example, New York is very responsive to requests, whilst Pennsylvania was fairly restrictive. The different types of information available online through public records are:

Criminal Records- These records are kept by law enforcement agencies in order to keep track of a person’s criminal past. These records usually include physical descriptions such as identifying marks, age, race, height, and height. It may also include last known addresses and any charges, arrests, and convictions against the person.

Contact Information- Some websites will take information from surveys, magazine subscriptions or other sources in order to find the contact information of any individual. Most will be able to provide you with an address and a ground line phone number. Others may include an email address and cell phone number as well.  

Vital Records- Vital record is a term that covers four different types of important records. Birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates. These records usually include the place, date and time of the said event. 

Education and Employment History- Sometimes you will be able to find a person's education and employment background online if they have it listed. This can include where they went to high school, college and any other secondary education as well as jobs they have held and currently hold.

Where to Find Information about Someone Online?

There are many places to find information online about someone you are looking for some of the options are:

Google searches 

A simple google search using keywords will be able to cover public information such as news articles and any other information that may be listed online. If the person you are looking for is a business owner or employee, that business may have a website page which lists all the employees and their email address or phone number. 

Social Media Searches 

Social media accounts are very useful in finding information about people, but what can you discover depends on the level of privacy that they have set for their account. In some cases, you may need to be connected to the person in order to access the information that they have on the site. Facebook tends to list information such as where they live, birthday, basic information and contact information. All you need to do is open an account for free and search the person by first and last name, you can add search options such as where they went to school, where they live and more in order to narrow down the results. 

social media people search

Linkedin is a place where people tend to provide more information about their education and work history, even without being connected to the person, there is usually information that is available for anyone to view if you are connected to the individual you can find even more information including contact information, age, and more. You just need an account and can search via the person's first and last name, you can also narrow down your search results by location, position, or place of work. 

Instagram can be used to find out where an individual has visited based on the pictures that are uploaded, as well as who they are associated with and what interested they have. Instagram tends to have less straightforward information and is best used when you have the basic details of someone and are looking for supplementary details. 

people search

People Search Engines

The least time-consuming method to find information about someone online is by using a people search engine. These search engines take all the information available and make it easily accessible for anyone to find an enormous amount of information about almost anyone in the United States. They aggregate all the public records that are available from the FOIA, some sites also gather data from social media and deep web data. Most of these sites charge money, some have a per report fee, and some have a monthly fee and allow you to conduct unlimited searches.  

One such people search engine is GoLookUp, which is perhaps one of the most extensive of its kind. GoLookUp specializes in deep data extraction and offers almost everything every competitor offers and more. Customers can look into a person’s phone numbers, contact information, background, criminal records, traffic citation, address history, marriage divorce records, social media activity, and arrest records. GoLookUp is one of the more trusted sites amongst the background search services with strict privacy guidelines and a transparent, simple to use interface. 

Run a thorough people search with GoLookUp!

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 26, 2022
Sensitive Information!