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How to Find Probation Records for Someone Online?

Are you curious to know if someone close to you is on probation or are you wondering what the terms of someone's probation are? Good news! Probation Records are public and state all the conditions of the probation as well as the circumstances that led to this probation. Take a closer look at the subject in order to know what really is probation, what are the different types of probation, who does it concern and how to look into Probation Public Records online.

What are Probation Public Records?

Probation Records mention all the conditions of a person's probation. This covers the length of time an offender must be on probation, the terms of probation (for example if they have a mandatory curfew, an amount to repay, an obligation to be underemployment or how often he or she should meet the probation officer in person, etc.), who is the probation officer, under which circumstances the person has been led to probation, what offense(s) they committed and all relevant information in respect to the case. It also includes the probationer's legal name, the court case number, the inmate number if incarceration was part of the sentence.

Probation Public Records

Difference Between Probation and Parole

Probation and parole are two different things. If there is both an alternative to incarceration, probation is before and instead of incarceration while parole is coming after an incarceration and concern offenders released earlier and under certain conditions. Probation is also given under some more or less strict conditions; however, it always takes place before or instead of incarceration. This measure helps to lower the number of people incarcerated, and it helps to reinstate offenders into society.

Of course, probation is given only to offenders posing minimal risk to the public. It helps individuals to remain in their community, to continue their job or to attend school while completing a sentence.

Different Types of Probation

Different types of probation exist, we'll help you to see more clearly:
  • Split Sentence - Some people may have a split sentence which means that they are first on probation under active supervision, and following the conditions of the probation, and only then they may be incarcerated. During this period, the offender is carefully followed by a probation officer who regularly conveys information to the judge who decides whether or not the person under probation will finally be incarcerated.
  • Active Supervision - An intensive supervision can ask face-to-face contact with the probation officer, a mandatory curfew, employment requirement, frequent check of local arrest records and unannounced drug testing. If a defendant meets all the requirements of his probation, he can gain full freedom at the end of the probation period. If the defendant violates the terms of the probation, it can lead to incarceration.
  • Inactive Supervision - In this case, the defendant is exempt from routine coverage, meaning that he doesn't have to report to a probation officer during the duration of the probationary period.
Probation records online

Who's Concerned by Probation?

An offender can have the right to be on probation instead of serving a sentence in jail, if he is not considered as dangerous for the community. Authorities consider different factors but mainly public safety and the offender's rehabilitation into the community. In order to make the right decision the judge will carefully consider the following criteria:

  • Mental stability
  • Marital status
  • Education
  • Remorse for the offense
  • Prior criminal history
  • General behavior and habits
  • Type and severity of the offense
  • Current employment conditions
How to Find Probation Public Records Online?

As explained previously, probation enables an individual convicted for a crime to remain in his community while completing his sentence. Which means also, that anybody could be under probation without other people knowing. Still, probation records are considered public and can be found by any person (unless for juvenile offenders). Public probation records can be found in the following ways: 

Through the clerk of court's office: sometimes, the courts and departments of corrections allow to screen into public probation records online. It requires knowing the state, county or city where the offense took place or where the person lives in order to target the right court. For instance, the Florida Department of Corrections allows you to search for the Supervised Population Information Search by entering a name. A list of results will appear, stating the supervision type, the type of offense and the current status. This status can be Active which means that the offender is being actively supervised by the probation officer in the community; Active Suspense, which means that the offender is temporarily unavailable for direct supervision during the supervision term, due to being in custody in jail or another facility, but is still being monitored by a probation officer for release, arrest, etc.; Absconder, meaning that the offender absconds from supervision and warrant is issued for violation.

Probation Public Records Search
Search into the nationwide court database with PACER Case Locator: with PACER you may conduct nationwide searches and screen data collected from all courts of the country. This can be performed online but requires to be registered on the website and to provide credit card information in order to pay a fee of $0.10 per page to access case information.

Use a background search: conduct an online search and access to millions of records with a website that compiles millions of public resources such as Recordsfinder or Golookup! Results are provided within a minute and screen records in all the country, meaning that you do not have to know from which state or county the offender depends. Financially as well, background check websites only cost a few dollars. Time and money saver!

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!