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How to Find Bankruptcy Records in Rhode Island

Similar to many states in the United States, several residents of Rhode Island are today finding it an impossible task to manage their household budgets because of reasons such as exorbitant fuel prices, credit card debt, and a high surge in unemployment. At times there are no other options before these people apart from filing a bankruptcy in Rhode Island. On a majority of occasions, Rhode Island Bankruptcy Records may be seen free of cost using one of the public access terminals installed at the state’s Bankruptcy Court.

When a case is in progress, court documents including bankruptcy records Rhode Island are kept at the state’s Bankruptcy Court. As these records can be viewed by anyone, the general public can come to the office to see Rhode Island Public Bankruptcy Records and make copies too. Check out some of the key aspects related to Rhode Island Bankruptcy Public Records listed below:

  • Documents for bankruptcy cases filed before 1998 are maintained in only hard copies
  • You will not be charged for requesting and viewing your bankruptcy case in case the record is available in the office of the clerk.
  • It is possible to get a printout of the documents’ imaged copies filed in 1998.
  • Imaged copies of bankruptcy records filed from 1998 to current times are maintained in electronic form. These records may be directly procured from Pacer if you have a valid account or CM/ECF. Alternatively, you can write an email to the office of the clerk to ask for an electronic document’s copy free of cost.
  • Printouts of documents’ imaged copies from 1998 to present can be obtained from any one of the public computers kept in the office of the clerk by paying 0.10 cents for each page.

State Records Rhode Island

The automated system has the following information available concerning bankruptcy records in Rhode Island:

  • Bankruptcy case number
  • The filing date of the case
  • Name(s) of the principal parties or debtor(s)
  • Case chapter
  • Name of the trustee
  • Phone number and name of the attorney of the debtor
  • Name of trustee
  • Case disposition
  • The bankruptcy case involves assets or not
  • Status of the case
  • Closing and discharge dates
  • Name of the assigned judge

Bankruptcy Documents-paper Copies

Hard copies of a bankruptcy document may be procured by mail or in person or electronically through PACER. However, you have to first create an account on the PACER. Visit http://www.pacer.gov/ to register yourself before submitting the request.

However, to get copies of a bankruptcy document, the user should have a valid case number related to bankruptcy. A person can get a bankruptcy case number though the automated VCIS or Voice Case Information System of the Court. Alternatively, it can be also obtained through one of the public access terminals at the office of the Bankruptcy Court Clerk. The person may have to pay applicable fees for searching a court record and photocopy fees.

Public Records Rhode Island
Bankruptcy Document-Certified Copy

A certified copy or multiple copies of the bankruptcy document may be procured via mail or in person. To get a bankruptcy document’s certified copy, the person should have in his/her possession the docket number and the case number for bankruptcy.

Any request to procure a certified bankruptcy document that is sent via mail should comprise:

  1. Name of the debtor(s)
  2. Adversary Proceeding or bankruptcy case number
  3. The requesting party’s daytime telephone number
  4. A stamped, self-addressed, and stamped envelope of a particular size, as well as, postage for the requested documents
  5. The docket number of the bankruptcy document to be certified and copied

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 25, 2022
Sensitive Information!