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Child Abuse Laws in South Carolina - These are Child Abuse laws for State of South Carolina

It is the primary duty of people to protect the rights, safety, and welfare of children because only if the children of today grow up into responsible adults with good physical and mental health, they can help in maintaining the livability of our planet. This is the main reason that may have prompted lawmakers to bring out various statutes for preventing child abuse. Let us now look at the child abuse laws in South Carolina, USA.

The need for child abuse laws

The main benefit of child abuse laws is that they can protect children from emotional, sexual, or physical abuse. It is for achieving this aim, child abuse laws of South Carolina require certain specific professionals as well as third parties who regularly access children such as physicians, school employees, and so on to report if they come to know of or if they suspect abuse of children to authorities operating the law enforcement departments.

South Carolina Child Abuse Laws

Child Abuse Statutes in South Carolina

Every state of the USA has its own child abuse laws that have been designed for protecting children at various stages during the timeline of the abuse. The first stage involves the implementation of mandatory as well as reporting laws. Fortunately, for protecting those who report such abuses, these laws come with immunity and anonymity clauses which means that these people need not be afraid of complications or repercussions that may befall on them due to their reporting. So, they can act without fear as soon as and once they come to know of or suspect abuse and request the authorities to intervene.

As far as the second stage of the act of the timeline of the abuse is concerned, it is definitional in nature. Further,  there are slight variations among various state laws in the aspect of exemptions to what constitutes this crime.

The third stage mainly involves administrative services, and this means that it is in this stage the courts work in tandem with social services for determining a supportive and safe environment for the affected child, especially if the child has to be taken away from the parents or the family.

A few child abuse statutes of South Carolina.

  1. Child abuse explained

According to South Carolina statutes, if a child dies as a result of abuse, or if the child's mental or physical health or welfare has been harmed due to excessively inflicted corporal punishment, due to sexual  abuse or sexual exploitation, owing to abandonment or neglect, if delinquency is  encouraged, or if the child is threatened,  they all constitute child  abuse crime.

  1. Mandatory reporting

It is mandatory that physicians, nurses, dentists, coroners, EMT's, mental health professionals, clergies, religious practitioners and healers, school teachers, counselors, social or public assistance workers, child care or day care center workers, police personnel or law enforcement officers, undertakers, funeral home directors or employees, judges, optometrists, and film processors have to report to appropriate authorities if they come to know or if they suspect of child abuse incidents.

South Carolina Child Abuse Law

The basis of reporting of abuse or neglect is the belief that the mental or physical health or welfare has been affected or the apprehension that the child may be affected due to these reasons.

Authorities to whom child abuse crimes should be reported in South Carolina.

The authorities to whom child abuse crimes have to be reported are the law enforcement agency or the County Department of Social Services in the county where the child lives or where the child is found.

The penalty for failing to report and penalties for false reporting

Failing to will attract a fine up to $500 as well as or jail up to 6 months. False reporting will draw civil action for actual and punitive damages, attorney's fees, and costs.

In the USA, child abuse is more rampant than one can imagine. Millions of children are being abused or neglected every year, and the number is increasing.  So, it is imperative that all the responsible citizens should report to the authorities if they suspect such incidents are happening. Awareness among people and protective steps alone can ensure that the future generation of people will be a healthy lot, both physically and mentally.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
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