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Judicial Records South Dakota: How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of South Dakota

The freedom of Information Act was passed in South Dakota in 1939 and has been modified several times since then. The act allows every citizen to access public records with some exceptions. Judicial Records has a variety of subject which can help you with your research, for example, Court, taxes, land ownership, and Court proceedings. So, here we are concerned with obtaining South Dakota Judicial Records for free.

Public Records that can be accessed include judicial records, background checks, government records and vital records like Birth and Death Certificates. There are some exceptions though where the records are classified and some of them are:

  • Trade secrets where certain methods, formulas, and ideas of a company or an individual are not patented because they might give their competitor an edge are exempt from public records.
  • Personal Medical records of a sensitive nature are not made public if requested by the concerned family or exempt because of some other reason.
  • Certain Personnel and Government Files are not made available to the public because they contain sensitive information.
  • Judicial Records that are not available to the public are archived in Sealed Documents and subsequently closed Hearings.
South Dakota Judicial Records

South Dakota Criminal Records

Criminal Investigation which falls under the Attorney General of South Dakota Office performs background checks on criminals and other information related to Criminal Records. The person who wants access to criminal records needs to have an applicant fingerprint card which can be acquired from the Division of Criminal Investigation. The fingerprint card has to be filled with the concerned person's information such as name, gender, Date of Birth(dob) and social security number.

The card is free and one can obtain this card by calling South Dakota Criminal Investigation Department at this number: (605) 773 3331. After the card is filled, the applicant needs to visit a police station or any other law enforcement agency to have their fingerprints on the card. They might charge a fee for this process. After the card along with the request is submitted to the Division of South Dakota Criminal Investigation, they will process the record in 4-7 working days.

South Dakota Judicial Records

Court records can be accessed by anyone from the computers situated at any State Courthouse in South Dakota. The Applicant has to type the case number which he will get from the clerk by giving him details of the defendant and the crime alleged.

The documents are free to view but to print the documents a substantial fee is required which varies with the volume of the said document. Currently, a website is being programmed where all the court documents are accessible and are available to the general public for free. The website will function as a search engine that will let others view and then download criminal and related court records for a fee. The website will launch within the next few months.

Judicial Records South Dakota

The South Dakota Supreme Court has total jurisdiction when it comes to a civil, juvenile, criminal, disciplinary and administrative agency. They provide discretionary Jurisdiction in an advisory opinion exclusively for the state executive and proceeding original cases.

Circuit Courts exclusively contains Civil Jurisdiction which includes civil appeals, domestic relations, criminal trials, and other jurisdictions. To search for Court Records visit South Dakota Public Records and enter your information including your full name and city.

Vital Records

Domestic Records include birth, marriage, divorce, and Legal Certificates which are administered and can be accessed by the South Dakota Department of Health. To obtain a copy of these records, you have to prove that you are eligible by being the person who is listed on the record; next of kin, parent, guardian or agent who is authorized. To obtain the record visit their website and fill up a form and then email that to doh.info@state.sd.us.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 2, 2022
Sensitive Information!