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Williams Arizona: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information


Williams is a town in the Coconino County of north-central Arizona. It is situated on an elevation at the base of Bill William Mountains. The town is surrounded by natural beauty which attracts immense tourism. It is encircled by the Kaibab national forest and is also the gateway to the original famous Route 66, Grand Canyon and white horse lake among other things. Most tourists come to the town from the Southwest Chief Amtak and Interstate 40.

The town cannot be termed as a city as it has been designated as rural. It is mostly known for its healthcare like primary care, mental health and dental. It has also been designated as the Arizona Medically Underserved Area. The hospital in the area is not well equipped. It doesn’t have beds or any infrastructure, but it does have three physicians who are responsible to check on patients. The hospital also has a free healthcare clinic service. 

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The main highlight of the town is its tourist attractions. Other than the forest surrounding it and the proximity to the Grand Canyon, there are fishing, hunting and poaching activities there also horseback riding. Then because of the high tourism, there are good hotels around town. Then there is a trail to the Bearizona wildlife park through Williams. Because of its geographical location and the fact that everything is so organized, the growth of population in the town remains high. Also, because of this spurt in population, the income generated in the town also stays equitable. But still, the city cannot be called a flourishing one because the average population living in the city, that s non-tourist, is poor. And this income that is generated out of tourism does not suffice to them. This makes the town slightly backward in terms of economic conditions.

Crime statistics in Williams Arizona: 

The crime rate in Williams Arizona is not low but not the highest in the state of Arizona. The Violent crimes in the town, which comprise crimes like rape, murder and manslaughter is at a 42.3 whereas in the entire U.S.A. it amounts to around 31.1. Then the property crimes like thievery, burglary and motor vehicle theft are at a 48.4 whereas in the entire U.S.A. it amounts to around 38.8.

These numbers, although high, do not affect the lives of people on a daily basis. People are actually happy living in the town except for the fact that there is no circulation of income. Also, considering the crime rate in the entire state of Arizona, Williams is not the most crime-prone area, but it contributes a significant amount.

Arrests in Williams Arizona:

Although the Crime rate in Williams is not the highest in the state, but it is substantially prevalent in the city. Property crimes are more common than violent crimes. The main problem with Williams is that crimes do happen, but they are not rightfully reported. Like there are a total of 955 violent crimes in the city out of 100,000 people, but only 30 have been reported. Similarly, out of a total of 3,694 property crimes, only 116 have been reported. This does not give rise to high arrest rate because the crimes are never reported.

Population information

As per 2017, there is a total population of 3,158 in Williams. It was almost stable from the 1990s to 2010, with its highest population being in 2010, with only slight growth but in the year 2010 there was a dip in the population and ever since then, the population has been at a standstill with almost none to a negligible increase in population.


Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 19, 2019
Sensitive Information!