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A Guide for Purchasing Firearm in Alaska

by Rick S.

Firearm in Alaska, How to Buy Firearm in Alaska

How to get a firearm license in Alaska

In Alaska, the gun laws are pretty lax and are rated as one of the most agreeable in the United States. In Alaska, any citizen who is 21 years old or older and can legally possess a firearm without the need of a permit. Residents who want to carry a gun to other states in the United States can obtain a concealed carry permit that they can use in states with which Alaska has a reciprocity agreement. Non-resident permits are not available, but the permitless carry law allows non-residents to carry firearms while they are in Alaska.

Pre-requisites of purchasing a firearm in Alaska

  1. The citizen should be at least 21 years old
  2. Needs to be a resident of Alaska and lived in the state for at least more than 90 days
  3. Eligibility under federal and state regulations to possess a firearm
  4. Citizens who have not been convicted of more than two Class A misdemeanors in Alaska or similar convictions in any other jurisdiction within six years after the applying
  5. Citizens who are not abusing drugs or alcohol

Citizens who are not currently under order neither have been under order to complete an alcohol or substance abuse treatment program within three years before applying for the permit.

Firearm in Alaska

  1. Citizens who have completed the handgun competency course

Citizens who complete an approved handgun competency course successfully within the 12 months before the application that is approved by the department.

  1. Citizens who do not suffer from a physical infirmity that prevents them from safely handling a handgun.
  2. Citizens who will not carry the weapon if they are intoxicated or impaired by alcohol.

Locations where carrying a firearm is not allowed

  1. In someone else’s home
  2. Any place where liquor that intoxicates you is sold for consumption on the spot.
  3. Public areas or private K-12 schools or on a school bus without the school administrator’s consent.
  4. Childcare facilities
  5. In a courtroom, courthouse or any justice-related agencies

The owners or management of facilities, such as hospitals, universities, gymnasiums, or private property, are allowed to restrict or deny concealed carry on their premises. Failure to comply with their rules while on their property could violate trespass statutes.

How to Buy Firearm in Alaska

How to apply for the Alaska Concealed Handgun Permit or ACHP

First, you need to read the Alaska Statutes 18.65.700 to 18.65.790 before you apply for an ACHP, you need to read Alaska Statutes 18.65.700 through 18.65.790 and Alaska Regulations. After you sign on the application, it affirms that you understand these laws. There is a “Concealed Handguns Information” tab that includes a booklet of these statutes and regulations.

1. Gather the necessary paperwork and submit them to your local police department
Submit your fingerprint, photograph identification, competency course certificate, and current information that is described in the application form.

2. Pay the fees
If you want a new permit, the prices for a new license is $88.25. If the permit is not approved, the fees are not refundable.

How Reciprocity works in the state of Alaska

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 in the US requires all the US states to recognize the concealed carry permits granted by other states. Here’s how it works in Alaska,

- All out-of-state licenses are honored by Alaska as long as the permit holder is at least 21 years old.

- Any citizen in Alaska who is legally entitled to carry a firearm is allowed to carry it concealed without a permit.

Alaska has a signed reciprocity agreement with seven states including, Arizona, Florida, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota.



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