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Maintaining relationships requires a lot of effort. Since our lives are heavily affected and composed our social relationships, its important for us have all necessary tools in order to have success with our relationships. Though every relationship is different, there are a lot of commonalities between our close relationships. Our ability to keep, form and maintain healthy relationships begin in our infancy. Though we are not aware of it, our first interactions and relations in life without care giver play a major rule in our ability to develop loving relationships. Many people have to constantly work to make their relationships do well. However, some things are out of our control.

This page will help you take control of your relationship by empowering you with powerful tools and give as much knowledge about the people you interact with on a daily basis. When working right, relationships can give us the most fulfilling, loving and exciting moments. When we share love, compassion and honest friendship, we get the best feeling we could get. On the other hand, when our relationships don’t work, we can feel the exact opposite and feel isolated, alone, sad and spaced out. Use this page for advice and mastering the art of relationships, because we all know; it can be trick.

GoLookUp has developed several tools that can help you take control of every type of relationships in your life. GoLookUp can help you perform an advanced background check and get complete public records information you are dating. GoLookUp’s catch a cheater tool can help you find out if you are dating anyone who might be cheating on you. If you have a stalker and, or if someone is spamming your phone, GoLookUp can help you put a stop and identify any number with Stop Spam Call tool. These are just a few of the tools by GoLookUp that can help improve your relationships in some cases, and take control of your relationships in other cases.

These are some of the Type of Relationships we Interact with on a Daily Basis:

  • Father and Daughter Relationship
  • Farther and Son Relationship
  • Mother and Daughter Relationship
  • Mother and Son Relationship
  • Brother and Brother Relationship
  • Brother and Sister Relationship
  • Boyfriend and Girlfriend Relationship
  • Boyfriend and Boyfriend Relationship
  • Marriage Relationship
  • Grandmother and granddaughter
  • Grandmother and grandson
  • Grandfather and Granddaughter
  • Grandfather and Grandson
  • Mother in Law Relationship
  • Father in Law Relationship
  • Brother in Law Relationship
  • Sister in Law Relationship
  • Cousin and Cousin Relationship
  • Distant Relatives Relationship
  • Boss Relationship
  • Co-worker Relationship

These are Some Situations where we have to Deal with all Sort of Relationships:

  • Peer and Peer Relationship
  • Social Events
  • First Date
  • Second Date
  • Third Date
  • Meeting Boyfriend Parent for the First Time
  • Meeting Girlfriend Parents for the First Time
  • Work Social Event
  • Meeting New Boyfriend Friends
  • Meeting New Girlfriend Friends
  • Meeting New Classmates
  • Meeting Organized Trip new Peers

Other Situations where we Interact with New People and We Need to Protect ourselves:

  • Hiring a new babysitter
  • Meeting our children’s teacher
  • Meeting our children kinder garden’s teacher
  • Meeting someone new on dating applications such as tinder and
  • Meeting someone new at a party
  • Giving out our number to a new person we just met at a local bar or party
  • Meeting someone new at the gym
  • Meeting someone new on a trip
  • Meeting someone new in a different State
  • Hiring a new person to work at our home: Could be a gardener, electrician or pool cleaner

The above are simple samples of where we could use tools to take control of our lives and not only improve our relationships but also keep us safe by knowing exactly who we are interacting with.

Quick Tips on How you Can Maintain a Healthy Relationship:

Romantic Relationship:

  • Don’t hold be on uplifting comments
  • Remind your partner you are there for them
  • Tell you partner you love them
  • Try to do a nice gesture once a day, such as leaving a love note; or texting at an unexpected time
  • Show affection, even when you are tired
  • Tell your partner you appreciate them
  • Share gifts
  • Be there for your partner through the bad times, but also through the good times as well
  • Respond with grace rather then feeling annoyed by your partner’s requests
  • Do not neglect alone time, even if you are both busy
  • Do not take your partner for granted
  • Do not make your partner jealous

Family Relationships:

  • Keep in touch. It can be difficult to keep in touch, but make an effort to keep in touch
  • Share with your family and don’t hold back
  • Open up about your life, especially if you do not see your family often
  • Make an effort to visit your family as much as possible
  • Be patient. We tend to have less patience for our family
  • Do not take your family for granted
  • Listen and be there for your family
  • Remind your family members their strengths when they need to be reminded of them
  • Take a trip together

Co-Workers Relationship:

  • Share your co worker’s successful achievements with excitement
  • Tell your co workers they are doing a good job
  • Be there for your co-workers when they need help. We spend half our day at work, we all need a good friend at work
  • Open up about your personal life to make them feel comfortable
  • Try to spend time together outside of work
  • Tell them they are doing a good job on their work
  • Share your work with them
  • Invite your co-workers to out of work events


  • Do not take your friends for granted just because they have been there over the years
  • Remind them you love them
  • Do new things together
  • Explore new places together
  • Motivate your friends to do more positive things with their lives that will make them happier
  • Be there when they need you
  • Open up to to create more intimacy
  • Take more interest in their hobbies you know less about

New People We Meet:

  • Introduce yourself with a smile
  • Take interest in their lives and their profession
  • Be extra polite
  • Take the time and listen and get to know them
  • Stay away from your phone and give full attention
  • Ask positive questions
  • Search for mutual topics and take interest in their lives and hobbies
  • Ask them their interests

Relationship Goals

The Social Media Phenomenon: These are the Relationship Goals that are Trending on Social Networks and in Everyone’s Heads!

  • Traveling around the world together. In 2018, everyone knows that materialism does not make you happy. However, traveling with a loved one and creating new experiences will make a lot happier.
  • Looking up to your partner. Being with someone you admire and lookup to is one of the highest relationship goals for both men and women.
  • A partner that will be there for you one hell or high water. Nowadays, people are changing partners faster than they change their shoes. Finding someone we want to stick with and that wants to stick with us long term is very much a relationship goal.
  • Spending time together. With so many new hobbies and interests availability in 2018, finding a partner that wants to spend time together and do the same things we want to do is a big relationship goal!
Relationship Goals
Relationship Goals
  • Making your partner loved. We spend so much time on our phones, playing games, being busy with work. Making our partner feel loved by doing different things for them is a relationship goal for most people.
  • Trust. This is a big one. Being with someone we can trust 100% knowing they will not cheat and would always want what is best for us, even if it come at their own expense; is a big relationship goal!
  • Having your own love nicknames and knowing what the other person thinks without even speaking. One of the most important relationship goals for most people!
  • Sharing the same common interests in life is also on top of most people’s relationship goals!
  • Being best friends and having your own bubble. Can you spend weeks and weeks with just the two of you without any friends or family? That is a big relationship goal for many people. Being with your best friend.
  • Having the same ideas for the future and wanting the same things out of live is a big relationship goal.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on September 21, 2019
Use Information with Caution!

Commons Relationship Questions:

How Do I Find the Perfect Partner?

A happy relationship is key to being happy. That is why we all want to find the perfect partner. First, it is important to understand that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect partner’. Whatever is right for one person, might not be right for another. Relationship and people differ from person to person, as we are all different. When you are looking for your perfect partner, it is important to understand what you are looking for first. You are a lot more likely to find your perfect partner with the same interest as you hanging out at the same place you might hangout in. Such places could be: Your work place, your church, your local golf course, or your book club. One rule of thumb that is true for most people is: Avoid “mr. right” or “ms. Right”. The ideas you have in your head that have been implemented and influenced since you were a child by movies and tv shows, might only make it harder to find the perfect partner.

Here are some easy tips that will help you find your perfect partner:

  1. Ease up. Yes, ease up. You might have some things that bother you about people, which are simply deal breakers for your. Some people can not date another person if he or she smokes. That person could be right in every other way, and might even been trying to quit smoking. So ease up and open up your mind.
  2. Go out more and take risks. Go out to places you have never gone out to before and take some risks. Finding the prefect partner takes time. You are looking for someone to spend your life with. Finding the right person can take some time. Put yourself out there and try new things, you have never tried before.
  3. Do not over think or over rush things. People tend to stress out and leave if they are put under pressure, especially in the beginning. Let time do its thing and take things slowly.
  4. Travel. You are a lot more likely to meet new people when you travel. People who travel are usually in an open mind state, looking to meet new people and experience new relationships.
  5. If something did not work in an old relationship, do not bring that habit into your new relationship. If you have something that has damaged some of your previous relationships, find out what that thing was and make sure you do not bring it into your new relationship. Knowing yourself is key and knowing what made people leave can help you develop better, long term relationships.

What Should I look for in a Life Partner?

Again, there is no right answer. Every person is different and whatever is right for one person, might not be right for another. However, there are some qualities which are universal that go a long way!

Here are some important qualities to look for in a life partner!

  1. Search for someone who is emotionally mature. Some people are more emotionally mature than others. Emotionally matured people are easy to spot and you will be able to tell right away if someone is emotionally mature and emotionally stable.
  2. Open mind. Find someone who is open minded. Open minded people are less likely to judge you and a lot more likely to try new experiences with you as well as accept your flaws and accept you for who you are.
  3. Honest. Find an honest partner. That is true for friends as well as for any romantic relationship. Do not spend your time on dishonest people. In most cases dishonest people will keep hurting you time and time again.
  4. Respect. Find a partner who understand what mutual respect is and gives you the respect you deserve both as a person, a partner and a friend.
  5. Independence. Look for a partner who is independent and has their own lives. The last thing you want is someone who needs to cling on you and looks up to you fill up every part of their live. Two independent people are key to make a healthy relationship. People who depend on each other for constant support and have nothing else going on in their lives, tend to have less success with their relationship.

What Can I Do with a GoLookUp Account?

A GoLookUp account will allow you to do many things as the website offers multiple tools and service that make our lives easier and safer.

Advanced Background Check: What is it Exactly? Advanced background check with GoLookUp will allow you to perform a deep public records search for any person in the United States. If you happen to be dating someone and you are not sure about their person, you can perform a background check and get complete information about their past such as criminal records, court records, arrest records, divorce records, marriage records and other information that you will find useful to keep yourself safe!

Catch a Cheater Tool: How Does it Work? GoLookUp catch a cheater tool will allow you to find out who is behind every phone number in the United States. You will be able to track any phone and get complete contact information, images and social information for any phone owner in the United States. This is extremely useful if you are suspecting your partner, or the person you are dating might be cheating or speaking with other people.

Stop Spam Callers: How does it Spam Caller Tool Work? It is actually really simple. If you are getting spamming by any phone number, or you are being harassed by any phone number, GoLookUp lets you search for that number and get complete information about that phone number location and owner, so you can block the spam caller and put a stop to phone scam calls!

What are some other Services Offered by GoLookUp?

Sex Offender Search: GoLookUp sex offender service allows you to search United States sex offender registry and lookup sex offenders, and criminals living in your area. Results will display images, current and previous addresses for sex offenders and criminals living in your area. Searching is easy, all you have to do is input your zip code into GoLookUp dashboard and our system will do the rest!

Arrest Records Search: Part of GoLookUp’s public records data base includes arrest records. Arrest records include crime committed, mugshots and detention information. GoLookUp lets you search Arrest Records as they update in our system!

Unclaimed Money Search: When you create your GoLookUp account, you will be able to search close to $60 billion of unclaimed funds and unclaimed money that is waiting to be claimed. Unclaimed money is money that has had zero contact or demand request for a period of one year or longer. GoLookUp lets you search local and state governments for unclaimed money that may belong to you or your family!

Reverse Email Lookup: Part of knowing information about people you interact with is knowing who they may be emailing with. GoLookUp lets you perform unlimited reverse email searches and find contact information for every email address in the United States!

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Dating Background Check Made Easy!

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on September 21, 2019
Use Information with Caution!
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