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How to Find Out If You and Your Loved One are Compatible?

Couples compatibility is important for the relationship to survive. Have you mentally compared you and your partner’s compatibility against compatibility with couples you know? Have you and your loved one wondered aloud – how compatible are we? If you have, there are ways in which you can find out the compatibility level you share with your partner. “Are we compatible?”, you keep wondering. Let your worries rest by measuring your basic compatibility using the following checklist.

Couples Compatibility Checklist:

You and your significant other are compatible if –

  • You don’t need to constantly reassure each other of your love – You are both secure in your relationship. You love your partner and they love you. You know this, even if they don’t confess their love for you before going to bed every night. The love you share is all-pervading. You can feel it even if you don’t constantly say those three words to each other.
Are we Compatible
  • You don’t make him/her feel guilty for time spent apart – Compatibility among couples can be determined by how each person perceives the need for alone-time or time spent apart. If you need less space than him, your compatibility could take a hit. Healthy couples realize how important it is for their partner and themselves to still have an individual identity. If you make your partner feel guilty for spending his/her time with their friends, the relationship will not last long term.
  • You have common interests – Couples compatibility is rarely an issue with couples who share common interests within themselves. When you have common likes and dislikes, there is better relatability between you two. You no longer fight over the remote when you’re relaxing together at home or which cuisine to pick for a date night when you both like the same things.
  • You don’t need to put up appearances in front of them – You can put your “How compatible are we” question to rest, if you don’t shy away from being your real self around them. If you’re the kind of person that eats with their mouth open and is careful to not do the same out in public, but find it easy to relax and slip back into the habit in their presence – it is probably because they ease your anxieties and make you comfortable. You don’t fear judgment or abandonment from them.

Compatibility with Couples

  • You are attracted to each other – Yes, despite knowing each other at your worst, you still want to go to bed with them. If you and your partner both believe in being physically affectionate to each other, barring the sex you are having. Your couples compatibility is significantly commendable.
  • You put in the effort – It doesn’t matter how long you and your partner have been together. If you both proactively put in the effort to resolve fights, each other’s problems and share your chores – your compatibility is to be envied.
  • You rough it out – Every couple struggles with relationship issues at one time or the other. Most people’s first thought is to run. But if you and your partner stand staunchly by each other’s sides, refusing to give in to these problems, you don’t need to ask yourselves – “are we compatible?”. You obviously are.


Compatibility with couples is frequently a contentious issue. We often fall in love with people who have radically different personalities as compared to us. However, as long as there is compatibility on certain grounds and both of you love each other, this shouldn’t be a problem. Be by your partner’s side and refuse to part ways because of trivial relationship issues, compatibility will come in of itself.


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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 22, 2020
Sensitive Information!