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Couple Games to Strengthen Your Relationship

In a relationship, it is very easy to lose interest and keep things exciting. A good and happy relationship takes genuine effort and cares every single day. Fun games for couples can be a great way of keeping things happy and exciting in the relationship. Couples easily slip into a mundane routine, this leads them to take each other for granted. To keep your emotional and physical bond with your partner strong you need to be more and more intimate with your partner with time. Couples game night is a fun and easy way of being vulnerable in front of your partner and get to know each other better. Vulnerability is a key component in an adult relationship, it is equivalent to intimacy in the relationship.

Couple Games

Enlisted are a few games for couples to play, to keep their relationship fresh and happy:

Do you know me?

This game is similar to the newlyweds game. Here you are tested about the knowledge about your partner. This couple game forces the partners to interrogate each other with questions like – what is your favorite color? Or your favorite person, etc. While playing this couple's game both of them can learn a lot about each other. The players can take turn and guess what the other person is going to answer. The person who can anticipate the highest number of answers wins the game. Many psychologists believe love is in the details. Love is not always when you get gifts or make grand gestures for your loved one. It is more about remembering the small thing. The little things that everyone else misses and only you know about your partner.

Match mate

Are you a person who loves to play board games? One great idea to have a healthy relationship is to have couples game nights with your partner and friends. You can play this game on a double date. It is a fact that a couple always needs another couple friend, they just cannot survive without that. The game match mate can be played with up to four couples. Couples games become even more fun with more couple. To play this game, each couple has to sit across one another. One partner will pick four cards, each one with one question. Then the other partner will answer the questions and will get points for giving the correct answer. The opposite couple team will sit with a marker and paper to write down the scores of the opponent team.

Fun Games for Couples
Letter game

This is very popular with the women in relationships and not so much with the men. This couples game involves writing letters to one another. Both the partners need to write one letter which has to be of previously decided pages long. Suppose you both together for next month to decide will be four pages long. Then both will have to write a four-page letter and give it to each other.

Since time immemorial lovers love to get love letters. These letters do not necessarily have to be about a declaration of love. It can be on topic. When someone writes a letter they can communicate more easily and the true feelings come out more easily. This exercise really improves communication and trust between the partners. The quality of the conversation obviously increases between the couple and it also helps people communicate the things that are not always easy to say out loud. This is a great game for couples who struggle with communication and intimacy in their relationship. For the people who cannot easily express their feelings, it is a great exercise.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 23, 2020
Sensitive Information!