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Tips for Dating While Social Distancing

Well... Social distancing seems to close many doors, but what if it also opens new perspectives? Especially in relationships. Being far from our loved ones is not a simple thing, but let us rediscover the magic of phone calls and other social distancing interactions... And it definitely feels good to hear the voice of the people we love.

When it comes to dating, to interact with a lover you are dying to kiss or to keep loving from far your partner, it seems a little more complicated. Is it time to reinvent ourselves? To discover other aspects of our relationships? Finally, to learn to love each other differently? Dating during corona time may seem a bit challenging, however, it can be really positive for your relationship and allow us to take the time to reconnect with each other. Here are some tips to keep the spark alive during this time of social-distancing.

Dating while Social Distancing
1 - Facetime & Skype Dates

No, it is not weird at all! It is actually becoming more and more usual as dating apps start to introduce video chatting to their users. So there's no reason to stop dating when a good and safe dating option is within easy reach. Dating apps pave the way and are now offering video chat services. For instance, The League announced new video dating features as well as a two-week free membership. "I honestly do believe that it's an opportunity to slow down to get to know each other," said Rachel DeAlton, Match's Chief Dating Expert in an interview with Mashable. She suggested phone calls and video chats as a way to connect.

Whether you have a partner for years or you're just getting to know someone, dating during corona can open many ways to date using technology. At early stages, you may share through vocal notes and video and at an advance stage of the relationship, you may take initiative and share similar moments by watching the same movie, share views and insights afterward, cook the same meal, order the same plate in the same restaurant and much more. It's time to be creative!

2 - Improve your communication

Being stuck in our routine and everyday life, we might forget the importance of the present moment and the connection with our loved-one(s). We may have plenty of things to share, to say, to ask, but it get all postponed to that fictional "later." This social distancing period brought by the fear of being contaminated by the coronavirus helps us to live in the present moment. The perfect time to communicate truly, authentically, with an open heart. It's also time to find a good communication balance, create a virtual romance, share thoughts and pick your words.

Concerning a new date or someone you've just matched with, it is now the time to take the time! You can already feel and guess a lot on the person while texting and sharing words. You could take the time to chat, to share vocal messages and slowly build the desire to meet. After all, it's always good to know how to kindle desire!

Dating while Social Distancing

3 - Connect emotionally

You may have dated once and now the second date is really compromised, what about looking for an attractive way to plan your second date virtually? It sounds like to date during coronavirus is the perfect time to connect emotionally (first) with potential dates or your current relationship, and live a remote romance. Here are some ideas: 
  • Buy the same bottle of wine and video chat from the comfort of your home - First, choosing the bottle of wine together may reveal a lot on your tastes and personality and if yes or not you share the same tastes. Then, it's only fun to share and learn about each other while the magic of wine starts to unveil. An old Jewish quote says, "A person’s true character is ascertained by three parameters: his cup (i.e., his behavior when he drinks), his pocket (i.e., his financial dealings), and his anger." It might be the perfect occasion to experience it!

  • Netflix party - You may have already heard about this new way to watch movies together. Find back the feeling of watching a movie with people that you love while you watch together through a Netflix Party. Netflix Party synchronizes video playback and adds a chat so that you can share, comment and possibly date... ;)
  • Play online games together... or play drinking games such as Never Have I Ever - A great way to have fun and learn a few secrets about each other. You might not feel comfortable at the very beginning, but later on, it becomes a nice way to break the ice.

  • Spend a night over the phone - What's better for knowing each other and connecting emotionally than to spend a night over the phone and get to this moment, before we close our eyes when we feel so free (and so tired) that we can literally open our heart and just speak our truth. No excuse, now, the alarm can wait!
Dating during coronavirus

4 - Carry on With Date Night

No, you're not going to spend the whole day wearing pajamas! If you are dating or living your relationship from distance you definitely have to keep the spark alive, which also comes with being attractive and maintain desire. What about finding a creative idea, such as cooking the same plate and have a virtual dinner together? It's a perfect boost for yourself and both of you. Dress up (or down?) and share a good meal (no more fast food!) and share your experience, tips, and just enjoy this night as if you were together.

5 - Find Ways to Be Intimate

Does dating while social distancing means that you have to give up on sex? No, it's actually the time to experience new sensations and experiences! Depending on your level of intimacy, there are plenty of things to experience: sex texts, sharing revealing pictures or full-on nude, speak about things you'd like to try, making love through the phone or video-call sex are all great options for keeping being intimate, as long as you feel comfortable with!

6 - Enjoy Yourself 

Isn't it the time to take a break from your social image and truly enjoy yourself? Take care of yourself and prepare yourself a good face mask, give your skin a nice treatment, read a book you haven't finished or try new experiences with your hair. Finally, this social distancing period will only make you more attractive! And isn't it what's best in order to keep the spark alive?

Ps: You could also take advantage of this social distancing period to a background check your potential dates thanks to GoLookup and learn more about them and make sure you're not being fooled. So easy!

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 29, 2021
Sensitive Information!