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Legally Separated - How Long Can It Last?

A married couple can choose a Legal Separation when they oppose divorce on the basis of individual values or their religious faiths which don’t hold up divorce. A Legal Separation for a long period of time can cause communication gap, dissatisfaction, and distrust within the marriage relationship.

Sometimes a Legal Separation helps a couple to utilize the time for self-development which is advantageous for making Judicious Resolution. But, you should always think about How Long Can You Be Legally Separated for which there will be not created any issues within your marriage relationship or will harmful for your relationship.

What is Legal Separation?

If you want to maintain your marriage life properly or to overcome some marriage issues, you will have to keep knowledge about What is Legal Separation. A Legal Separation cannot be the end of any marriage relationship. When a married couple lives separately and follows their rights and duties according to the court order, it is defined as Legal

How Long Can You Be Legally Separated
Advantages for Keeping a Lawful Separation

There are several significant financial matters for which a decision of keeping a Legal Separation plays an important role within your married life for a specific period of time avoiding a divorce. You can take help of a lawyer for making division or preservation of your assets, land, property or economic liabilities. Some of the financial matters are related to achieving advantages for being Legally Separated and theses are:

  • The Policy of Health Insurance: When a couple is continuing their Legal Separation, both of the spouses can continue their joint health insurance policy and can get all kinds of coverage and benefits of the policy.
  • Benefits of Tax Payment: If a couple is within a Legal Separation, both of the spouses can get some specific income tax benefits which are considered for the married couple.
  • Benefits of the Pension Scheme and Social Security: Sometimes, a married couple maintains a Legal Separation for a specific period of time avoiding a divorce. In this condition, anyone partner of the couple can get the benefit of a pension scheme as well as the social security on behalf of another partner of the couple.
  • Mortgage or Selling Property: If a couple prefers to continue a Legal Separation for a certain period of time as they don’t get involved to a divorce case, they will not have to face any issue for keeping or selling property or land.
Legal Separation

How long a married couple can be legally separated?

According to the law of some states, a married couple, who are going to be divorced, will have to complete a specific period of time for the finalization of their marriage or taking a final decision or their marriage. The specific time period of Separation may be within the range of 30 days to 6 months depending on the law of different states. Sometimes, the days count for Legal Separation of the married couple starts from the day when the partners of the married couple start to sleep within a separate room and also from the day from when they stop their marital relationship physically.

Apart from this, when a partner of a married couple moves out from their marital house or property, it is considered that they have started their Legal Separation. When the partners of a couple are sleeping within the same room and same bed, it will be not considered as Legal Separation of the married relationship. Sometimes, when the partners of a married couple are not able to afford the cost of living separately due to their financial condition, their divorce case is kept in pending condition.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 18, 2020
Sensitive Information!