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Zodiac Signs Compatibility In Love

The Zodiac or astrological signs are symbols that represent a planet or a stellar constellation. Zodiac Signs are representatives of elements like the Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. These signs based on the date of birth of a person can help understand the personality of individuals and to make predictions.

One of the areas of prediction is related to a Love Match. The zodiac signs can be used to determine Love Compatibility between persons. Since the signs describe an individual’s personality traits, the signs of two persons can be compared to determine the Love Compatibility Between Zodiac Signs.

The following explains Zodiac Signs Compatibility In Love listing out matches for each sign.

Love Compatibility Between Zodiac Signs

1) Aries (21st March to 19th April)

Aries is typically attractive in personality and hence can get along with most other persons. An Aries person would get along very well with an Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo, or Gemini person and their love compatibility would be perfect.

2) Taurus (20th April to 20th May)

Taureans are well-known for being stubborn. They are hard-working and determined. Their ideal love matches are Virgo and Pisces since these signs are equally strong. These signs are determined and would be very compatible with each other.

3) Gemini (21st May to 20th June)

Gemini is well-known for being full of affection. Two Geminis can be compatible with each other. But the ideal matches for Gemini persons are Aquarius and Libra. While Gemini gives affection, Aquarius and Libra love to receive them and hence are a great match.

4) Cancer (21st June to 22nd July)

Cancer personalities can be a bit jealous and love a bit of drama. Their ideal match would be Scorpio and Pisces. The romantic nature of these two signs and their ability to focus on details can make the signs compatible with each other.

5) Leo (23rd July to 22nd August)

Leos just like lions demand to be treated like a King. Sagittarius, Libra, and Gemini will be ideal love matches for a Leo person as they are willing to adore a Leo love match. Leo and Aries are a contrast but will match.

6) Virgo (23rd August to 22nd September)

Virgo is an Earth sign and is practical. For them, the best love match would be signs that are equally practical and down to earth. It is for this reason, Taurus and Capricorn is a good love match for Virgo.

7) Libra (23rd September to 22nd October)

Libra like the scale it represents, balances life situations. Leo and Sagittarius are the perfect love matches for Virgo. For a peaceful and very well-balanced love match, there is nothing like a Libra being matched with another Libra.

8) Scorpio (23rd October to 21st November)

A Scorpio matches well with another Scorpio. Scorpios love their privacy, look for solutions, and want the truth to prevail. They will match well. Pisces is an almost opposite but yet will be a good match as their devotion to each other will make it work.

Zodiac Signs Compatibility In Love

9) Sagittarius (22nd November to 21st December)

Sagittarians can keep a relationship spicy and nice. Leo, Aries, Aquarius, and Libra will be good matches for Sagittarius. These signs will fit each other and the romance levels will be high.

10) Capricorn (22nd December to 19th January)

Capricorns don’t like wasting time and prefer to be precise, It is because of this nature, that their perfect compatibility will be from Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo, and Taurus. These will be long and happy relationships.

11) Aquarius (20th January to 18th February)

Aquarius love to be independent and signs like Gemini and Libra will understand their personality and will hence be a good match.

12) Pisces (19th February to 20th March)

Pisces love fellow water signs for harmony. This is why similar water signs like Cancer and Scorpio will turn out to ideal matches in love for them.

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