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What Are the Signs of Insecurity in a Relationship

Relationships are not always love and laughter. Sometimes relationships can take a sour turn. In some relationships one partner might be extremely insecure. They may have trust issues, maybe overly controlling and may be unsure about where the relationship is heading. If you are in a relationship and are wondering what are the signs of insecurity in a relationship, this article will be helpful. It could either be you or your partner that is insecure. But knowing the signs of insecurity in a relationship or for that matter the signs of being insecure in a relationship, can help both of you work on the relationship and make it better.

Trust Is an Issue

When a partner feels insecure in a relationship, they are not able to trust their significant other. They always have doubts and suspicions. So if your partner has suddenly started asking you too many questions about your whereabouts, then you can safely assume that they have a feeling of insecurity.

The Exes Are Brought Up Too Often 

If your partner feels insecure, they will keep comparing themselves with your exes. They will have an issue with your past relationships and will bring up arguments about incidents in the past.

Signs of Insecurity in a Relationship

There Is a Lack of Communication

A lack of trust automatically leads to a lack of communication. If your partner feels insecure, he or she will not always talk to you about it. They might shut themselves up and keep their feeling bottled up. If you feel that your partner has stopped talking to you the way that they used to, the reason could be their insecurity.

They Stalk You Online 

With platforms like Facebook and Snapchat ruling our lives, it is quite easy for us to know what people are up to at all times. If your partner is insecure, they will not trust you when you tell them you are out with friends and they will stalk you online. They will also ask you endless questions about stuff you post on your profiles online.

They Need Constant Reassurance

With an insecure partner, you will constantly have to remind them that you love them and are there for them. If your partner has been too clingy and has been asking you over and over again if you love them or not, it could be that they are insecure.

Relationship Insecurity

They Want You to be with them all the Time

A classic sign of insecurity in a relationship is jealousy. Your partner will get jealous when you spend time with your friends or colleagues and will want you to spend all your time with them.

How to Overcome Insecurity in a Relationship?

If you are insecure: If you are the one who is insecure about your relationship, then you need to sit yourself down and make yourself understand that you need to trust more. Give your partner some space. Don’t be overly clingy. Let them know that you trust them and in turn, they will trust you as well. Don did not bring up the past. Do not let your partner’s old relationships ruin what the two of you share now. Talk to your partner and let him or her know that you are willing to try and have more faith to make the relationship work out.

If your partner is insecure: If your partner is feeling insecure in a relationship, and if you want to make it work, you need to be patient. Maybe their insecurity arises from previous relationships that ended badly. Give them the benefit of the doubt and talk to them about it. Tell your partner that you love them and want to make it work. Open communication will help your partner trust you and will improve your relationship.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2020
Sensitive Information!