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Are You Used as a Rebound?

A rebound relationship is an easy, quick-fix solution that is applied by people to get over a tough breakup. These relationships do not generally have a meaning to them and are used as emotional crutches while the person gets over the shock of losing someone they believed was the love of their life.

Let's switch the equation. Being used as a rebound is not something most people aspire to. Unless it is explicitly specified, you will never realize that you are being used as a rebound by someone who is still pining over their ex. Being a rebound can put you in a toxic, heartbreaking, painful saga that may destroy your view towards relationships forever. If you suspect that you are being used as a rebound by your new partner, you should leave before things get too serious with you, and they do not reciprocate. Listed below are some signs that you are a rebound girl, and how to get over your unhealthy infatuation of your new lover.

Signs You Are A Rebound

They Obsess Over You For Seemingly No Reason

No healthy relationship starts with one person completely obsessed with the other person. Two people get to know each other, then they build up their chemistry slowly and steadily. Your partner constantly gushing you and treating you as The One within two days of meeting you may mean that you are a rebound, or he is a sociopath.

The Relationship Feels Empty

One of the biggest signs you are a rebound girl is when the relationship seems like everything you have ever wanted, yet feels utterly empty. Your partner is perfect in every way- they are always available for you, they treat you like a queen, and they give in to every whim of yours. But somehow, the relationship seems to lack sustenance when the two of you are together. You feel lonely and empty on the inside, despite having a perfect relationship on the surface.

You Do Not feel Emotionally Fulfilled

Signs you are a rebound include feeling like you are in the relationship mainly to fulfill your partner's physical needs. There is no space for long talks or heart-to-heart conversations in your relationship. Whenever the two of you are together, things somehow always turn physical, regardless of whether you want it or not. If you feel like there is no scope for romance in your relationship, or you are in a "friends with benefits" kind of situation, then you are truly stuck in a rebound relationship.

They Already Act Like A Longterm Boyfriend

Despite meeting your boyfriend two weeks ago, he has already started making plans of moving in with you. If this adage sounds familiar, you are unfortunately a rebound. They want to make inside jokes with you already and want to behave like they have known you for years, despite you know next to nothing about them. They do not want to go out on dates with you but instead want to spend the day lounging about in their sweatpants and wanting to go grocery shopping together.

A rebound relationship never feels real. Your partner was situated to living a life with their ex, and continue to live the life with you, instead of trying to move on and start afresh. Being a rebound can wreak havoc on your mental health, and can make you wary of relationships in the future. Do yourself a favor if you catch yourself in a rebound relationship, and leave. Your new partner may seem like staying will be worth it when they finally move on and admit feelings for you. Unfortunately, that will never happen, and you will find yourself wishing for a fool's paradise forever.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 4, 2020
Sensitive Information!