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Emotional Cheating by Texting - What Is It?

When people think of cheating, they usually associate sexual promiscuity as one of the main factors of it. However, with the rise of technology, people have become even more close knit, and there has been a significant rise in another kind of adultery- emotional cheating by texting.

Emotional cheating by texting begins like all other extra-marital affairs do - by being ‘simply friends’ by the person you are talking to. However, over time, simply being friends dissolves into something much more serious. Even though you may not be sending promiscuous or cheating texts to the other person, but you may still be getting more emotionally attached to them than to your partner- without you even realizing it.

Like all things, it may be difficult to decipher whether you are cheating on your partner emotionally. However, there are a few ways to understand if you are emotional cheating by texting.

Emotional Cheating Texting
These ways include:

Lying about the Proximity of your Relationship

One of the most prominent signs of a cheater is that they lie about who they have been with and the people they are currently out with. Even though all facets of this lie may not apply to emotional cheating, lying about how much you talk to another person through texting is a big indicator. Emotional cheaters often lie, because they do not want their partners to feel insecure or unwanted.

Seeing their Texts makes you Happy

If you are in a committed, long term relationship or are married, there should hardly be a reason for your heart to flutter with the coming of a text, unless it is news of an unexpected day off work. If you get happy with the possibility of texting someone else other than your significant other, then you may be termed as an emotional cheater. Investing your time and energy into holding conversations with the other person, and depriving attention of your partner is an unmistakable sign of emotional cheating.

Emotional Cheating by Texting

You and the Other Person Talk to each Other at Weird Times

With the advent of texting, it has become quite the norm to text a person at any time of the day or night, with the knowledge that they will reply to you as and when they see fit. However, with emotional cheating, matters are a little more complicated than that. Since you are hiding your real relationship, it is not comfortable to send each other texts when there are other people, or your partner, around you. Thus, you text each other at strange hours during the night, during the weekends, outside office hours, or at any other time where it is not acceptable to text a ‘work friend’ or an acquaintance.

You Delete Evidence of Conversations with the Other Person

If you have been deleting any evidence that you talk to the other person through texts and calls, then it may be time to consider that you have been emotionally cheating your partner. Even though you may not be sending the other person any kind of shady or outright cheating texts, just the thought that maybe your partner finds out about them and questions you is enough for you to delete any semblance of online contact between the two of you.

If you have been emotionally cheating your partner by texting someone else, it is time for you to own up to your mistakes, confess the truth to them, and vow to never repeat the action again. They will obviously be hurt, but at the end of the day, it is better knowing the truth from you than from someone else.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 25, 2020
Sensitive Information!