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Soul Mate Definition: How to Tell if You Have Found Your Soul Mate

What's more awe-inspiring and life-changing than this very special moment when you recognize your soul mate? A feeling of bliss and joy fills the heart with a typical sensation to "be home", in the exact right place and moment. You kind of feel that you already know this person and it is most probably not the first time that you "meet" each other. What's more magical and mystical than to find a soul mate... But how can we really know that this special person is a soul mate? What are the signs? Are there different types of soul mates? Yes! And we'll explain whatsoever you need to know about soul mates, you might be surprised!

What is a Soul Mate
The Feeling of Finding a Soul Mate

It is believed that when you find a soul mate (yes, you don't only have one!), you find a person belonging to the same "soul group" of yours. Souls are embodied in groups, which means that you are not alone, and at some points, you can always meet a member of this big soul family: a soul mate.

The connection seems so deep because it is a connection of the soul on an energetic level. Believe it or not, a soul mate relationship will not always be rainbows and sunshine for a simple and good reason: the reason of this encounter is to help each other to grow. If in most relationships, people try to understand each other, a soul mate is like a part of you and knows you intrinsically. This feeling is freeing, you can finally be yourself completely, without fear, without asking yourself questions, just to BE with this other one is blissful.
If we often speak of soul mates as romantic partners, this is not always the case, and a soul mate can manifest itself in different ways: a mother, a sister, a brother, an uncle, a best friend, a colleague, a boyfriend/girlfriend, a lover, a travel partner, and many others ... Whatever his role is, it is this person who knows how to understand and love you unconditionally, the one with whom you feel comfortable (once the fear is defused), you experience a feeling of "coming back home".

Soul Mate Definition
Signs You Have Found a Soul Mate

There are common things that you feel when you find a soul mate. These are all little signs that you have met a soul mate. How do you know when you meet a soul mate? Keep these little signs in mind for the future or have a closer look at some of your relationships, and see if you've ever experienced this or if these signs speak to you:

  • A feeling of "déjà-vu" - You just met this person but it feels so familiar to be with, or the first time you saw his/her face is engraved in your memory, or you even had a special feeling when you first saw him/her, such as love at first sight? There are great chances that this person is a soul mate.
  • Familiarity - It just feels like you know each other since always, everything is so smooth, it's all just evident, you barely need to speak to understand each other, how is that possible? It might be a connection from above...
  • Intuition - You thought about him and he called you in the same instant, you walk in the street a see her name in front of your eyes on an advertisement, a street name or whatever, or quite the opposite, you are in a super sad moment and he pops up, you were in despair and she writes you a text out of the blue. The magic of soul mates is that they have the power to feel you, they can share your emotions (unconsciously), and as a consequence, be here for you at the exact right time.
  • Sharing the same vision - The symbiosis is so strong that you share a lot of common thoughts, you may have the same crazy dreams, you share the same key values, see the same big picture.
  • It is challenging - No, it's not all about happiness and a soul mate is also here to help you work on yourself, unknot wrong patterns or be the personalization of something you don't accept in yourself or in others. If a soul mate is a life-changing connection, it is not a fairy tale!
  • You can be totally authentic - No further need to hide, no need to hold back, there's no need for any pretense, and even though you speak in half-words, you totally understand each other. You can just be yourself and be totally understood. The soul mate is like a mirror, it doesn't lie.
Definitions of Soul Mate
Types of Soul Mates

If the feeling of finding a soul mate is very powerful, all encounters may differ depending on the type of soul mate you meet. Love has different facets: there is passionate and erotic love (Eros), platonic love (Storge), complicity & friendship love (Phileo) and unconditional love (Agape), and this could explain the different types of soul mates you are likely to meet. The goal is always the same: learn and feel unconditional love.

Karmic Soul Mates - A karmic soulmate is someone you meet on your path in order to work on an issue, to learn something on yourself or to close common karma. The signs are the same as for a soul mate but the relationship could be more intense and thorny. It is a purpose-driven relationship, you can learn in joy or in a more challenging way. No doubt that the two of you planned to meet and to accomplish a little way together.

Soul Mates - A soul mate is like a divine mirror, reflecting your own consciousness. Sometimes this reflection can be presented as an opposite polarity to show us hidden personality traits. They always appear in your life at the exact perfect time. They are there to prepare you for your highest destiny and, sometimes, to give you hope. It can be a friend, a lover, a member of your family who comes closer, they come in different forms and show you that they are there for you.

Twin Flames or Twin Souls - Twin souls are the highest version of soul mates. Twin souls are one. They share the same consciousness and are the same True Self, present in two different earth manifestations. It is said that they are the same soul split in different bodies. Attraction and connection are incredible and very powerful. When they meet, they experience pure unconditional love. The bond is so powerful and deep, that in most cases, they only meet for a short time, and don't usually lead to a lifetime relationship. Though, the soul is marked and changed forever thanks to this deep experience.

Have you experienced these signs? Do you recognize any karmic soul mate, soul mate or twin flame in your life or in your past? Now, you have all the tools to recognize them in your future. Enjoy the way and all these life-changing experiences!

Wishing you a life full of soul mates...

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 28, 2021
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